Environment Variables

Once the product installation is finished, it is always good to reboot the computer (although this might not be necessary on Windows 11). You need the environment variable %VSTASKER_DIR% to be defined as C:\VirtualSim\vsTasker\7 and the user (or system) path to include: %VSTASKER_DIR%\Bin;%VSTASKER_DIR%\Bin\vc100;%VSTASKER_DIR%\Bin\vc100\osgPlugins;. These are normally set by the installer, unless the system has forbidden it. In such case, it must be done manually.

If any error or warning message appears at application launch, make sure the Path is correctly set (you can test the environment from a command console: Windows Key + cmd, enter. Then on the console: set vstasker_dir -> C:\VirtualSim\vsTasker\7 and use set path to check its content).