Update Installation Problem

If you cannot install a product update, because the installer complains it cannot find the product or the version, maybe the product install did not complete. It looks like under Windows 10, a security level prevents vsTASKER installer to write to registry.
This is the case when the installer hangs at 99% because of the OS preventing modifying the registry (or any anti-virus).
The simple fix is to manually modify the registry (longer fix is to reinstall the software with admin privilege and anti-virus off)
Call regedit (Start, cmd regedit)

 -------- VirtualSim
 ------------ vsTASKER

Should see strings as below (if not, add new string value)

Directory      REG_SZ       C:\VirtualSim\vsTasker
Uninstaller    REG_SZ       C:\Windows\vsTASKER Uninstaller.exe
Version        REG_SZ       6.0.22

If no VirtualSim, add new key
If no vsTASKER, add new key under VirtualSim one
if no Directory or Version, add new string (Uninstaller is optional)
then double-click on the (new) string to set the value.

Quit regedit and install the update normally.