vsTASKER Demo Version Installation

Download the self extractor vstasker_7_demo.exe from the email you received from VirtualSim, after having requested the link. Note that if you did not receive the email (if may take 24h), it is likely the provided email address has been rejected. See the conditions on the request page.

Double-click the executable and let the installer run. The process should not take long. If you do not have VisualStudio 2010 installed, the community version will be installed. It is mandatory to have it in order to compile your own examples or recompile the demo ones (which you are free to modify).

You can then launch vsTASKER from the Start menu or from the directory:


(ps: see other FAQ in case of problems)

First Run
At start, the first scenario is suicide_attack. It is an OpenSceneGraph example showing a car exploding itself to harm some hummvee vehicles. In the main toolbar, use the button to launch the simulation (check the taskbar as the OSG window may not popup). You can then start the simulation using the button.

Note that all demo samples are precompiled. You can simply load the databases (file ending with .db) from the various directories under /Data/Db/Samples and launch the associated simulation ()

If any problem during the install or the try, please use the ticket system here