vsTASKER Demo Version

The free version of vsTASKER v6 is now available

Download, install and try now !

The free version of vsTASKER v6 is now available for unlimited testing without the need of an evaluation license.

Use the following link to download the package and read the tutorial to learn vsTASKER using the step by step exercises.

Installation Instructions

Download the software using the above button. You will need to fill a form and use a valid email address where to receive the link.
Run the auto-install executable:


Click Next.
Accept terms of agreements then Next two times. Keep Typical then Install.

Installation takes around 1 minute on a i7 equipped computer.
The finalizing process might take a while. Do not stop it.

When install is finished, several windows will popup up.

If you do not have Visual Studio 2010 already installed on your computer, you need to install the Express version provided into this distribution (pressing Next), otherwise, Cancel:

VisualExpress 2010

Setup will install the free C++ compiler:

vc++ express install

You need then to install the redistribution, click Next on this window:


You can now close the installer:

Close Installer

It is a good idea to reboot the computer.
Then you can start vsTASKER:

Demo Start

At first start, vsTASKER will install the documentation.
Click Next on this window:

Install Documentation

You are now ready to follow the tutorial and enjoy the product.
Contact us if you have any issue.

What the package contains:

  • Tutorial and User manuals
  • OpenSceneGraph samples
  • Satellite samples
  • OpenGL samples
  • Console samples
  • RNav samples

What the package does not contain:

  • Full list of demos
  • Other Visual Studio libraries
  • Source code of plugins
  • Terrain tool
  • Runtime OSG and OpenFlight databases
  • Orbit databases
  • Developer Guide

Limitations of the demo version:

  • Demo samples cannot be modified
  • 2 logics and 5 objects per logics
  • 2 knowledges and 3 contexts per knowledge
  • 2 entities per scenario
  • 3 components per container
  • Save As not allowed for demo samples