About vsTASKER

What is vsTASKER

vsTASKER is a white box synthetic environment for real-time simulation. It is a framework and development toolkit for all kind of time stepped simulations.

It is divided into two parts:

  • The design environment, called GUI, which provides all tools and features to define a simulation project. It includes mapping capabilities (GIS), terrain elevation, state machine, grafcets, object oriented components and entities to be dropped on the terrain.
  • The simulation engine, called SIM, which is built by Visual Studio from the GUI generated code and vsTASKER libraries. The SIM engine is license free and can be deployed without constraint.
How to change the skin

From vsTASKER, select the application title bar, right click, select Available Styles and choose the one you like from the list. The new skin is applied immediately.
If you like it more than the default WEB2 skin, remember the name (from the list), then open the default.db file in vsTASKER root directory, and replace the skin name (WEB2 default) with your prefered one (name).
Restart vsTASKER.

If you prefer not to use any skin at all, select Tools::Preferences::Systems then Forms, and in Application Skin box, choose Windows Default.
Save and restart vsTASKER.

Compilation Errors

Symbol not found: sharedMemSetup
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "int __cdecl sharedMemSetup(long *)

Solution: Add the following libraries in the solution:

vcc_net.lib; iphlpapi.lib

Installation Problems

Installation problems

The finalizing phase at 99% install is normal. It checks all the 120000 files. CPU might go 100% and it is also normal. Just wait.

If you see this window at start:

Then the PATH does not have the following:
Add them manually.

If you see this window at start:

Then, you must add VSTASKER_DIR variable manually.
Do a Windows search on “environment variables”:
Environment Variables

Then click button Environment Variables:

And now, add the variable in the system variables:

vsTASKER should now start correctly.
If any trouble, please contact support.

Update Installation Problem

If you cannot install a product update, because the installer complains it cannot find the product or the version, maybe the product install did not complete. It looks like under Windows 10, a security level prevents vsTASKER installer to write to registry.
This is the case when the installer hangs at 99% because of the OS preventing modifying the registry (or any anti-virus).
The simple fix is to manually modify the registry (longer fix is to reinstall the software with admin privilege and anti-virus off)
Call regedit (Start, cmd regedit)

 -------- VirtualSim
 ------------ vsTASKER

Should see strings as below (if not, add new string value)

Directory      REG_SZ       C:\VirtualSim\vsTasker
Uninstaller    REG_SZ       C:\Windows\vsTASKER Uninstaller.exe
Version        REG_SZ       6.0.22

If no VirtualSim, add new key
If no vsTASKER, add new key under VirtualSim one
if no Directory or Version, add new string (Uninstaller is optional)
then double-click on the (new) string to set the value.

Quit regedit and install the update normally.

Dongle Problems

1. Dongle not recognized
This is typically the case when driver is missing, not yet installed or conflicting with another one. In such case, remove the driver and reinstall it.

2. Removing the KeyLock Driver
Go to Start::Programs::vsTASKER::Licensing::Usb Dongle
Select: uninstall
Press: Begin Uninstall
Reboot then, re-install the driver!

3. Conflict with Pitch Dongle
If you are using Pitch Dongle, please, refer to the following documentation:

vsTASKER Issues

Application exits just after start

On Windows 10 (but not only), if the registry cannot be accessed for writing, vsTASKER will exit and this is a normal (license protection) behavior.
Make sure to run vsTASKER GUI in Administrative mode.

Method 1: Right click the vsTASKER icon on the Desktop and choose “Run as Administrator”
Method 2: Right click the vsTASKER icon, then Properties::Advanced… and check the option box “Run as Administrator”
Empty menus & popups

On some Windows, this effect can happen and the reason has not been found yet.
To fix this issue, just need to remove the skinning :

select Tools::Preferences::Systems then Forms, and in Application Skin box, choose the option Windows Default.
Save and restart vsTASKER.