Free Real-time Image Generator

vsVIEWER is a real time Image Generator for the simulation industry. It has been designed from the ground-up as a pure IG, using free game engines and 3D graphics tool-kits; Real-time hosts interoperate with the IG using standards and bespoke protocols.

The free version processes a configuration file which describes the protocol and 3D models used.
The paid version provides the libraries and an API to extend and customize all the default features and behaviors which are defaulted in the free version.

The product roadmap will incorporate more functionalities with coming versions.

Graphic EnginesNotes
OpenSceneGraphv3.4.0 – available
OsgEarthv2.8 – available

A Windows application is provided to the user to generate the configuration files used by the IG. This application is also capable of controlling the IG during runtime.

To communicate with the IG, simulation host applications must use one of the below protocols (peer to peer or distributed).
Note that vsData messages can be used in addition of any of the others.

vsDataProprietary and documented. Simple UDP based messages.
DISv6 – Available (basic PDUs supported)
CIGIv3.4 – Coming (basic messages supported)
HLA1516 / Evolved – RPR-FOM based – Coming (basic objects supported)
MQTTvsData based – Coming
DDSvsData based – Coming


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