vsVIEWER is a free 3D player for vsTASKER, based on Qt

It embeds the simulation engine generated by vsTASKER and decorates it with Qt windows. It supports Triton and SilverLining from Sundog Software. It is written in C++ using Qt and wxWidgets.

As the source code is provided, the end user can easily customize the design of the GUI using either Qt-Creator or wxFormBuilder to target their own need.

vsVIEWER is the perfect free player for vsTASKER simulation engine, including OSG, 2D mapping and HMI panels. It has been used on

several projects when the deliverable was a standalone application that could be duplicated freely ans used by several operators.

It displays a 2D Map (in OpenGL), a 3D World view (OpenScenGraph) and an HMI panel (in Glut). Frequent updates are providing more run-time capabilities to the viewer.

Once you have vsTASKER, you can generate as many different simulation databases and deploy freely limitless simulation systems under vsVIEWER.