Consultation & Projects

VirtualSim can help you to build your simulation systems by providing online or onsite engineering support for vsTASKER and vsRAD, at a very competitive price.

Over the years, we have delivered turnkey solutions, integrated demos, proof-of-concepts and assisted several customers on their complex projects. Our engineers know how to customize simulation tools to target customer needs.

Submit your project and request. We will answer shortly with unbeatable price for outstanding results.

Product Training

We provide professional training on our products, either on customer site or in Nice facilities (downtown training rooms, close to hotels and beaches).

Version Duration
Enterprise 5 days
Advanced Course Another week

Prerequisite: Good knowledge of C/C++ programming language, real-time modeling, logic flows, synthetic environments. Be familiar with Visual Studio (versions 2010 to 2015).

Version Duration
Basic 1 day is enough
Embed (Qt or any HMI) Another 1 or 2 days

Prerequisite: Good knowledge of C programming language and OpenGL. Be familiar with Visual Studio. Knowledge of Qt, wxWidgets, VAPS, GL-Studio or vsTASKER if HMI embedding is requested.