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We specialize in Simulation

VirtualSim main office is located in Nice, heart of the French Riviera. It is managed by Yann Takvorian, M.Eng. in I.T., (Artificial Intelligence) who is also founder of the company.

Close to the sea and twenty minutes drive from Sophia Antipolis, the technology area of the French Riviera, VirtualSim has specialized in real-time synthetic environments dedicated to civilian and military simulation projects.

VirtualSim main paradigm is to provide affordable solutions and outstanding services for simulator builders and users. The team is made of remote engineers and coders, mostly digital nomads, who have added their expertise to the software and can provide email support.

I Love Nice

Founded in 2004 in Montreal Canada, VirtualSim has relocated its office to benefit from the warm weather of the Mediterranean sea, the international airport facilities to reach its worldwide customers, and the many engineering research centers (Sofia Antipolis).

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VirtualSim Sarl

3 rue Chauvain, 06000 Nice – France
Tel: +33 (0)

Online support

Please, use the following emails:

Our Network

We can do consultation and training worldwide, although we are mainly relying on our distributors front line. We are customer orientated and each version of our products are driven by the industry trend and the customer requirements.

We do believe code generation and visual paradigm are the key to build and maintain complex simulation systems over time.


Solvit System Co., Ltd.
#B-1107 MSTATE, 114 Beopwon-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea 05854
Tel: (+82) 2-6241-6667
Email: sspark@solvitsystem.co.kr (Kirk Park)
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  • Research and development of a Radar Visualizer toolkit (vsRAD) for a Chinese customer.
  • vsRAD 1 released


  • Incorporation of the company in Canada Montreal
  • Development of a synthetic environment, vsTASKER, based on code generation, visual state machine and knowledge to describe doctrines. OpenSceneGraph based visual engine
  • vsRAD 1.5 released
  • vsTASKER 1 released (click here to see editor)
  • First exhibition at I/ITSEC tradeshow, Orlando, USA


  • Add scenario map and vertical toolbars
  • Add models, repository, sockets and HLA support
  • vsTASKER 2 released (click here to see editor)


  • Distribution in the chinese market
  • Add vertical view, popup menus, line of sight and special zones
  • Add runtime entity creation, hook window, behavior control
  • Arc-Info support, entity aggregation and position history
  • Google-Earth integration
  • Automatically generated user interfaces for component parameters
  • vsTASKER 3 released (click here to see editor)


  • Customers in Asia and Europe
  • Add Formation Patterns, Internationalization, S57 navigation charts
  • Integration with STK 9, Delta3D, mySQL, Matlab Simulink
  • MAK RTI support and OMT editor for HLA
  • HMI builder based on Glut
  • Scenario 3D viewer based on OSG
  • Road network with path finding
  • Snapshot restore compliance + Record & Replay
  • Add more objects to the Logic editor
  • Code Insight and colorization of text code
  • vsRAD 2 released
  • vsTASKER 4 released (click here to see editor)
  • Exhibition at MIMOS trade show, Roma, Italia
  • Exhibition at UAV show, Bordeaux, France
  • Exhibition at Eurosatory, Paris, France


  • Add Orbit with SGP4 and J2 propagators for satellite simulation
  • Add user select skins for the GUI
  • Add RNAV support
  • CIGI support through components
  • Released of a clamped free version for testing
  • vsRAD 3 released
  • vsTASKER 5 released (click here to see editor)
  • Exhibition at LAAD, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Exhibition at ITEC, Roma, Italy
  • Exhibition at HDIF, Seoul, South Korea
  • Exhibition at TADTE, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Exhibition at M&S Workshop, Seoul, South Korea


  • Start consultancy services on several big projects in Germany, Italy and Turkey
  • Major improvements in the RNAV for ATC simulation
  • Add SVG support for VBS3 integration (ASI) and VBS-IG demos using CIGI
  • ADS-B support
  • vsRAD 4 released
  • vsTASKER 6 released (click here to see editor)
  • ITEC conference, Stockholm, Sweden


  • Consultancy services with major development projects in Thailand
  • Add automatic code synchronization with Visual Studio
  • Dark mode support
  • Improvements for ATC simulation
  • Titan Vanguard and osgEARTH integration
  • Road network enhancement to target airport taxiways
  • vsVIEWER 1 released to provide free IG based on OSG, DIS and bespoke protocol
  • vsTASKER 7 released (click here to see editor)


  • Consultancy services for an high-tech Electronic Warfare project in France
  • Provided support for a drone based aerial reconnaissance program in South-Korea
  • Release of version 7.1 of vsTASKER