Stress testing with 20000 Entities

Customer requirements go sometime beyond what engineers consider enough in their product design. Stress testing is good as it fire-proves the software without state of mind, while the programmer go often too gently with his code.

Here, we need to be able to run around 30hz base frequency. 10 sensors of 10 km visibility range shall detect specific targets and destroy them. The detection has to take less than 1 second and the firing process must obeys to a specific selection rule with a random reload time delay.

For this stress test, a control panel has been designed with the vsTASKER HMI builder. On the map, 5 sensors detect green intruders and 5 others detect red. On the right, each of the sensors displays on a timeline the number of detections and hits.
20000 intruders are generated with a random position and speed.

  • 20.000 flying intruders
  • 10 sensors + AAA
  • vsTASKER 7 with dedicated 10Hz HMI
  • constraints: ~30Hz base rate, 1 second max for detection