Metro Train Driving Trainer

WM Simulator uses vsTASKER to simulate electric train route map of the Driver Training Simulator (DTS) for training a Train Operator to control an electric train to each station safely.

vsTASKER is used to simulate electric train route, either Main Line or Depot, which can be from the actual route data. vsTASKER is also used to simulate emergency situations, for example, pushing another parked malfunctioned train in order to go to the next station. Moreover, vsTASKER is used to simulate the crowd’s walking in and out of an electric train at the station.

The users provide highly positive responses after using the system because it can be used to train a new Train Operator to control the train proficiently before actual operation in a real electric train.

Defense related projects

Solvit Systems has used vsTASKER for Modeling & Simulation projects in Defense industry.
The typical use cases were as follows :

  • Simulator : analyzing new military operation concepts and effectiveness.
  • SDK : developing new simulator/emulator (e.g Radio Environment Simulator)
  • PoC : demonstrating the feasibility of new theory, concept or principle.

vsTASKER made possible to check cutting-edge technologies and concepts easily and fast with its simplicity of use and openness.

Lately, Solvit Systems is developing an environment simulator framework with vsTASKER for the AI reinforcement learning part. I believe vsTASKER will bring us a successful story once again.

ATC Tower Simulator

WM Simulator uses vsTASKER to simulate training system in ATC Tower Simulator for the Royal Thai Air Force as per user’s requirements to train air traffic management in normal and emergency situations.

With Pseudo Pilot system, another user group can simulate plane flight to various directions for Air Traffic Controller training. The training officer can train to deal with the situations by examining plane locations from the Radar Display in Control Room, and direct the Pseudo Pilot for air traffic safety.

The users provide positive responses after using the system due to its competency in training simulation.

Radio Network Simulation

Rheinmetall Electronics has used vsTASKER in a very demanding simulation project in the area of radio wave propagation. During the project, the vsTASKER software system has proven its comprehensive functionality and outstanding flexibility when connected to existing simulation systems.

With vsTASKER, VirtualSim offers a high-performance software solution that flexibly combines an open and well-structured architecture with a wide variety of tools and functions needed for modern simulation environments.

vsTASKER strongly contributed to the success of our project.

ATC Simulation

The Air Traffic Management Department of the Italian Aerospace Research Center (CIRA) uses vsTASKER for:

1) generate complex ATM scenarios in order to test advanced airborne automatic systems, such as Conflict Management and Collision Avoidance systems for aircraft.

2) develop an ATC Controller Working Position Emulator, to support extensive testing campaigns of new ground procedures and systems in ATM.

The capability to integrate Matlab/Simulink functions and models strongly supported the possibility to extend the CIRA modelling and simulation expertise to complex ATM scenarios generation. The vsTASKER environment is currently used in an European project.

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Heavy Train Simulator
Information and Simulation Systems Department of Savronik used vsTasker in a national multipurpose train simulator project with The State Railways of the Turkish Republic (TCDD).

Operational scenarios and controlling systems of different varieties of locomotives and train sets are generated with vsTasker.

With the capabilities of constructing and debugging complex logics easily with a visual environment and running them in real time, vsTasker is a powerful tool for simulation systems.

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Statistical Analysis
DGA Maitrise de l’information (Intelligence Superiority) is an active user of vsTASKER for its Unmanned Air System simulation.

The simulations encompass both detailed simulation with physical modeling of Electro Optical, Infrared, Surveillance Radar, MTI and SAR performances, coupled with higher order system simulations. The implementation of the physics of the Radar has been successfully done by Alyotech.

The higher order simulations are mainly used to generate data for further statistical analysis, based on batch scenarios runs with high number of variations (number of generated datasets are in the millions of runs range).

vsTASKER is a great tool allowing for fast scenarios generations, fast modeling, fast runs and data generation.

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UAV Simulation
Using the vsTASKER environment, SAGEM has developed an HLA interoperable simulator for the study of UAV autonomous operation. The simulator implements a behavior model for the UAV mission controller and enables the simulation of autonomous maritime surveillance missions.

This simulator has been extensively used during 2 years for the European Community (FP 7) SeaBilla project where SAGEM proposed new UAV CONOPS, based on evaluation of reference scenario and operational performance analysis.

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Terrain Reasoning
The “Defense & Homeland Security Division” of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica used vsTASKER environment to develop an artificial intelligence for platforms in an operative scenario, for a Data Fusion system.

The Data Fusion system used the code automatically generated by vsTASKER to model platforms and environment: platforms have visual and path-finding capacities, environment is created by loading DTED and OpenFlight raw files.

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Train Cab Simulator
Because of its ease-of-use, diagram use and low cost, vsTASKER has been selected as a control-command code generator for our train simulator. With this tool, engineers were able to rapidly design and check all the main-panel logics.

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