You need the crypt code to install the software. If you want to discover the product, download the free version. To test the product, ask for an evaluation if you are not in a country covered by our distributors.
What's new in version 7
  • Version built on Windows 10 (v7.0)
  • OpenSceneGraph 3.4.0 support (v7.0)
  • SVG Map with UTM and Lat/Lon projection (v7.0)
  • Visual Studio 2010 & 2015 support (drop of 2008 and 2012) (v7.0)
  • x64 libraries for vc100, vc140 and vc141 (v7.0)
  • Dynamic User-Interface (v7.0)
  • Folders to simplify and organize visual objects (v7.0)
  • Code Synchronization (VisualStudio -> GUI) (v7.0)
  • CIGI with VBS-IG support and demos (v7.0)
  • Titan Vanguard support and demos (v7.0)
  • Dark Mode (Sprites & Features excluded)
  • ADS-B ready (OpenSky-Networks & Aviation-Edge) (v7.0)
  • 1440p high DPI screen resolution compatibility
  • Raster map free rotation
  • Add arc-circle leg definition for Roads
  • MQTT support (based on Mosquitto) (v7.1)
  • DIS visual interface + components (based on OpenDIS) (v7.1)
  • Rail support and component (v7.1)
  • Network Simulation with channels communication (v7.1)
  • DDS support (based on OpenDDS) (v7.2)
  • Unreal Integration with proprietary protocol (v7.2)
  • Radio Network based on channels (v7.2)
  • wxWidget integration demo + tutorial (v7.2)
  • Navigation Mesh for any entity(v7.2)
  • RCS use for Radar simulation (v7.3)
  • Scenario TimeLine (v7.3)
  • OsgEarth 2.10 with Orbits and Satellites (v7.4)
  • Behavior Trees (v7.5)
  • OpenIG Plugin (v7.6)
  • Multiple Plans for Entities (v7.7)
  • JSBsim Flight Model integration (v7.7)
  • Runtime Behaviors (v7.7)
  • Private/Protected Logics, Knowledge and Routines (v7.7)
  • Technical cruise with tickets process (v7.8)
  • See the progress on Trello
vsTASKER version 7.1 progress 25%
For stable Release, you need to request an evaluation to get the installation password. Install updates if you already have the version 7, to avoid reinstalling the whole application.

For updates, you must be under maintenance to get the install password. The update upgrades your installed release version up to the specified build. When they are cumulative, you do not need to install the previous updates. Updater will ask you before overwriting a newer file.

Outdated versions


vsVIEWER can be installed by downloading the release pack or the update file if the release has already be installed.
vsVIEWER version 1.1 progress 1%


vsRAD can be installed without dependencies. Its C code can be compiled and linked with any Visual Studio.Solutions for 2008, 2010 and 2015 are provided in the package.In vsTASKER v7, vsRAD is integrated into the HMI builder.
vsRAD does support raw data format from OKTAL-SE. S57 database format is also supported for maritime radar simulation.
vsRAD version 4.5 progress 10%
Outdated versions