The Game of Life Algorithm

The Game of Life algorithm is from John Horton Conway. It works on a 2D grid representing cells. Each cell can be alive or dead. Every step, rules will apply on each cell, living or dead, to determine their state at the next cycle. Some basic rules are applied.

As the principle is a cellular automaton, the implementation on vsTASKER is straightforward. Besides, the use of the Mesh feature will provide an easy and efficient mechanism.

Two grids are used. One of 6.000 cells and one of 60.000. Keyboard is used to activate the machine, drop some random cells, change the ruling or even add some predefined patterns.

  • A living cell surrounded by less than 2 living cells will die.
  • A living cell surrounded by more than 3 living cells will also die.
  • A dead cell surrounded by 3 living cells will be reborn.