Train Cab Trainer

Using vsTASKER to build an train cab simulator for real-time training of a new metro line.

ATC Tower Simulator

Using vsTASKER to build an ATC Tower simulator for real-time ground and air management. Multi-stations, Pseudo-Pilots, 3D graphics, Radio network.

GRADE demo at CIRA

vsTASKER was successfully used as the backbone simulation software by CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Centre) for a GRADE demonstration of curved satellite GNSS approach.

Automatic Trailer Parking

Driving a multi-body vehicle on a straight line is not challenging. Reversing with a 5 axles semi truck, going around corners or parking the trailer into a bay is far from being straightforward, even for a skilled driver.

Planning UAV mission from Simulation to Real World

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) represent ideal platforms for automated decision making. The use of modeling and simulation for building and testing autonomous behaviors can drastically enforce the capabilities of unmanned aircraft, skills of ground operators and usefulness of missions.