Complete SDK for Simulation & Training

Complete Simulation Development Toolkit for the Defense Industry

vsTASKER allows study, animation, and visualization of any size and complexity of scenarios. Using graphical paradigm and automatic C++ code generation, user can build a simulator with unmatched simplicity. vsTASKER does not limit to any particular field (see some projects)

Targeting software engineers and system integrators, it provides under one roof everything needed to develop a simulation infrastructure, maintainable and scalable. It covers a wide range of needs, from Defense, mission planning, CGF, electronic warfare, UAV, train cabin simulators, railways and ATC trainers (…)

After 15 years on the market worldwide, vsTASKER has proven its value under high technical constraints and tight schedules (see our testimonials).

Some major success stories:

  • Train control-command for main cabin simulator
  • Heavy train simulator and trainer
  • ATC collision forecast for training
  • Monte Carlo simulation for anti-missile systems
  • UAV path optimization research (millions of run)
  • Radio communication assessment (real wave propagation)
  • Man in the loop trainers (ATC, Flight simulators, Radar operator…)
  • Massive scenario participation in HLA network
  • Satellite visibility prediction before engagements
  • Autonomous behavior validation for drones
  • CGF what-if scenarios, including C3I
  • Coastal surveillance trainer (UAV fleet based)
  • Multi-sensor automatic positioning for border protection
  • Many other projects without disclosure

Perfect Middle-Ware Solution for Integrators

vsTASKER provides unprecedented mechanisms to tailor your synthetic environment, either from a simple 2D plan map to the most complex 3D game like environment. Once you have understood the concepts, testing a scenario or developing a system becomes so straightforward you will wonder how you did before.
vsTASKER has been designed after years of consultation
with customers struggling with either too low-level compilers or specialized high-end overkill products. Instead of reinventing the wheel by writing a framework from scratch or trying to break into pieces a complex expensive software to fit it into your needs, vsTASKER provides all the necessary mechanisms for real-time simulation without overwhelming you with tons of specific capabilities and parameters.



Unleash the power of a framework

While a end-of-line product only gives you what it has, a framework helps you to get what you want. See how vsTASKER main features can help you doing things by yourself:

  • Logic defined visually using Grafcets and State-Charts;
  • Knowledge based on Facts and user Rules;
  • Behavior-Trees to trigger Logic and Knowledge;
  • Component/Device models to provide capabilities;
  • Routines as piece of code dropped on the map;
  • Visual feedback at runtime;
  • Runtime mission planning;
  • Predefined material ready to be used;
  • OpenScenGraph & osgEarth ready;

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Do you want to develop some AI?

Open the logic editor, sketch your state-machine, write some functions or use the predefined ones, connect inputs and outputs to the environment, compile, run and see the result. Modify input values and see the result in the behavior.

Do you need to test a military doctrine?

Open a map, drop some entities on it. Give each of them some capabilities by attaching specific devices/components like a radar, a main gun for a tank, some missiles for a plane fighter, some gun for infantry (…) Then provide some dynamics, some shields, some radios and make them act on the scenario using logic, do-list or scripted plans.

Do you have some Matlab/Simulink models you want to fire-test?

Just load your files/models into vsTASKER, connect the I/O and see it running in real-time.

Do you need to gather different equipment and systems under one roof?

Develop into vsTASKER all the drivers to the third-party elements, using DLL or LAN or HLA. Write some visual logics for initializing, synchronizing and actuating all systems and ask vsTASKER to become the brain master chief of your system.

Does your simulator need a control panel?

Open the vsTASKER HMI builder and create one from a blank page by dropping predefined objects like lamps, switches, buttons, actuators, text fields, etc. Pin-point you code into each object to access the outside word. Compile and link with your drivers and there you go! Your control panel is ready to be used and deployed freely.

Do you need a GIS/sand-table for your CGF or C3I?

Build it using the embedded HMI editor or use Qt or wxWidget or any other C++ HMI builder and link against the free vsTASKER libraries to produce your own high-end application.

Do you want to display your simulation in 3D with great graphics?

Use OSG or any C++ compatible third party visual engine and drive it from inside vsTASKER runtime. Your IG is compatible with CIGI protocol? Use vsTASKER direct mechanism to connect to it.

Do you need some accurate satellite simulation?

Drop into vsTASKER TLE orbits and our SGP4 propagator will spin your satellites using Julian time. If you have only Keplerian orbit definition,
our orbit editor will help you build it and our J2 or Two-Body propagators will do the accurate spinning. Atmosphere, sun and moon positions, terminator and visibility lines are computed for telecommunication assessments

In all cases, the more material you bring to vsTASKER, the more productive you will become, as an end-user or system integrator.
Want to try by yourself ? Start with the free demo version (button below) then later, when convinced, request a three weeks evaluation license of the full product version.


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