VirtualSim is developing software for simulation market and Defense industry


Air Traffic ControlReal-time simulation platform and scenario editor for multipurpose simulations.

Create your own logic, develop your AI, drag and drop visual components, build visually scenarios in 2D or 3D, integrate any stealth or game engine, create your dynamic panels, generate the code in one mouse click and distribute freely the run-time.





Graphical User Interface framework is used to embed vsTASKER simulation engine in order to provide a free solution for end users.

Based on Qt or wxWidgets, the framework sample is a workable application that can run scenarios built using vsTASKER GUI.




Real-time Radar visualizer is used to display echoes from any synthetic environment or simulation sources. Version 3 has real-time RTC and support coastline, Arc/Info, DTED incrustations and real-time acquisition card inputs.

It was designed to be easy to use and expand, vsRAD is an affordable COTS for simple OpenGL radar display.