vsTASKER release notes v5

What’s new in build 5.3.26
[436, 11/04/2016]

  1. Changes and fixes on the unicode functions
  2. Chinese font can be changed by user (env variable CHINESE_FONT)
  3. Sprite caption (label) can now be repositionned using the mouse
  4. Intercept missile code changed to take the shortest path (great circle)
  5. Add function validLatLon() in WCoord
  6. Fix a bug with OpenGL context (textures in multiple displays are now drawn)

What’s new in build 5.3.25
[436, 27/03/2016]

  1. Little fix in the header files to allow component to be created by user code
  2. In BasicDyn, setCrashed() command raise event and set the status to _Wreck
  3. Allow runtime entities to register and use Charts (see documentation)
  4. Fix unicode bug with HMI labels
  5. Need to add draw_font.lib in solutions when: CglFonts::CglFonts cannot be found by linker
  6. MissileBallistic component rewritten
  7. Add MissileBallistic validation function (for trajectory draw in all modes)
  8. MissileIntercept algorithm rewritten
  9. MainGun component improved with drag effect
  10. Add Intercept component for Entities
  11. Improve ballistic missile model for realistic sub-orbital flight
  12. Add wide map option to use pacific centered world map covering far East/West
  13. Add new batch demos in /Samples/Analysis (radar_arrangment & trajectory_optimization)

What’s new in build 5.3.24
[436, 18/03/2016]

  1. Fix a bug with route creation (crash at reload)
  2. Translation capable of all hints of the GUI
  3. Polygon points ( Features) are editable with values
  4. Player (P:) used in Component code is now returning the Scenario Player
  5. In Globe view, satellite position no more need time update
  6. Satellite 3D models are now resizable in Globe View
  7. Fix a bug when following a trajectory with offset
  8. Fix a crash in Satellite Window when setting perigee to zero
  9. Fix a bug with Sensor LoS automatic precision (now, working in large maps)

What’s new in build 5.3.23
[436, 10/12/2015]

  1. Fix a bug with Populate function (lost of the selection)
  2. Fix a crash with the Record/Replay (at stop)
  3. bool type now supported in UInterface
  4. Console print out for Fact database (printOut() function)
  5. Sprite Slider is now bounded to min max when set() is outbound
  6. Add set(char*) to sprite Label
  7. Hmi runtime/hud user code moved to _code.cpp (usefull for debug)
  8. Fix bug with sprite TextField: runtime part called in all modes
  9. Fix crash when unloading some dabatase with HMI containing sub-windows
  10. Fix a bug with code generation for GdiOsg Sprite
  11. Fix GdiOsg camera to work without user coding
  12. Fix bug with Text Field sprite: tic() function is now called
  13. User Interface for Feature Data Models are now built
  14. Reaction code is now preprocessed
  15. Add “mast” to Sensor model to offset verticaly the mounted sensing device
  16. Cannot modify parameters of a TLE orbit
  17. Fix a random crash when adding a new trajectory (and editing it)
  18. Fix a crash when importing roads from an ArcInfo database

What’s new in build 5.3.22
[436, 13/11/2015]

  1. Fix a crash when Chart window is opened with application skin enabled
  2. Window forms no more fade-out at close (no more ghost windows on long process)
  3. Improved the following of a MeshPath
  4. Improved the Formation model (followers no more need to be in a Unit)
  5. Fix a rare but annoying Div by 0 error on the GUI
  6. Gfx objects can now have a duration time in fraction
  7. Fix a crash in Formation during Slot duplication (and deletion)
  8. Support environment variable CODE_MLENGTH to increase the 64K maximum characters in text forms. Set the new desired length in bytes.

What’s new in build 5.3.21
[436, 17/10/2015]

  1. Fix LoD problem when small Arc-Info tiles are dispersed on a big area
  2. Fix a problem with plans that lose routine parameter values in some situations
  3. Starting a simulation no more unzoom the terrain on the GUI
  4. Lock position now works for plan points (and fix an old minor side effects)
  5. Enabling a plan (disabled at start) now reset the initiate chrono
  6. Add spoilers() to WingDyn_High component
  7. Fix climb/descent vertical speed to specified values in parameters

What’s new in build 5.3.20

  1. Fix bug when creating runtime Mesh other than Materiel (now is put into the correct list)
  2. Minor cosmetic changes on the GUI
  3. Fix a bug in vt_terrain with used defined LOS function not initialized
  4. LAN enabled licensing with dongle key
  5. Fix some delay/refresh problems with the License window

What’s new in build 5.3.19

  1. Fix a crash when drawing some orbits under “at start” mode
  2. Coord Epoch (t0) updated with scenario Julian date for user defined orbits
  3. Minor fixes

What’s new in build 5.3.18

  1. Add Coord Epoch for user defined orbits.
  2. Add Import/Export for Curves and Charts (internal format only)
  3. Fix Mesh accuracy problem in Lat/Lon terrain for very small cells
  4. Fix Mesh crash when reading old formats
  5. Change the default mesh Cost function to reduce diagonal move in Path finding

What’s new in build 5.3.17

  1. Meshes are no more expressed as (Top-Left, width, height) but as (Top-Left, Bottom-Right)
  2. Fix size problems with runtime meshes
  3. Fix a little position glitch at simulation start with two-body propagator
  4. Socket config file can also be moved along the .rt database directory

What’s new in build 5.3.16

  1. Fix entity bitmap loading for png/gif/jpg format
  2. Simulation Engine will eventually look for runtime database (.rt) in executable same directory (after environment variable VSTASKER_RT_DIR and user defined Runtime Path
  3. Add user defined coord Epoch to Orbit property window

What’s new in build 5.3.15

  1. Fix the resize problem of Networks diagrams
  2. HLA FedItem wizard improved
  3. Fix a bug when a FedItem has a HLAboolean field
  4. Several fixes to use the Pitch RTI Evolved v5

What’s new in build 5.3.14

  1. Fix a crash when Units are stored in unique Catalog, at database load
  2. Fix Move Catalog action for Units
  3. Improved the unit-members belonging visible links (appears only at selection)
  4. Add setSilent(bool) to Feature Manager to refuse or control the Sim -> Gui runtime Feature creation/update
  5. Add lock()/unlock() semaphore to shared-memory pools
  6. Entity symbols are now available in runtime map (OpenGL and HMI map)
  7. Fix some unexpected full delete when deleting only a single object
  8. Fix an altitude/clamping bug with Land dynamics for not moving object
  9. Fix an attitude (elevation) bug with Land entities with move3D trajectories
  10. Add user LineOfSight function in Vt_Terrain
  11. Minor fixes on the GUI

What’s new in build 5.3.13

  1. Fix a crash when focusing a Logic on the Environment list during Runtime
  2. Fix a crash when Editing a Trajectory without units set for proximity field
  3. Entity name spaces force replaced by underscore (fix some database corruptions)
  4. Missile nominal speed is now bound to min/max speed (defined in LinearDyn)
  5. Fix a crash when duplicating some Units
  6. Catalog Initialization part is now called at runtime for instances
  7. Fix a crash when ungrouping some Groups
  8. Fix a problem with Text in Groups
  9. Fix the loss of Logic focus when leaving a Group

What’s new in build 5.3.12

  1. Frequency can be fixed (wall-clock) instead of being linked with the RTC base frequency
  2. Object frequency list is now in sync with the RTC frequency
  3. User can set its own frequency by typing it in the drop-down text field
  4. Some lines and objects are anti-aliased in Logic
  5. Curves are anti-aliased
  6. Fix a bug with code generated API for Simulink and GL-Studio components
  7. getWallClock API put back in scenario.h with deprecated mention
  8. Fix TerrainRep::optimizeView2D
  9. Remove the /TP option at makefile generation
  10. Batch runtime part is called at first run (second run before)
  11. Runtime pane/code is no more visible for external Components/DataModels
  12. Fix a bug with strConvFloat without precision (last 0 was removed)
  13. Add a Validation function (wizard) for Flight-Plan (FPlanWizard)

What’s new in build 5.3.11

  1. Add muteSharedMem option to standalone scenario (no runtime shared-mem update)
  2. Fix a crash when opening second level nested groups
  3. Unselect an entity at runtime clears the Diagram pane
  4. Logic, Knowledge or Component can be given to all selected entities
  5. Map refresh faster at startup, no more flickering
  6. Fix a bug with OSG code wizard
  7. Fix a glitch with angles in Entity Hook Windows, now [-180..180], before [0..359]
  8. Fix a random crash when closing/opening a database

What’s new in build 5.3.10

  1. Several minor bug fixes
  2. HLA code generation fixed for Evolved
  3. Fix a crash with orbit library under VS 2008
  4. Fix a crash when selected Formation pattern item on the Environment list
  5. Fix a random crash when changing database after killing the sim engine
  6. Capability to change any of the 6 orbital elements using a slider
  7. Player Draw code is now called
  8. Shared-mem RtPool is no more used for standalone exe without the GUI
  9. getCurrentRealFreq replaced with getCurrentClockFreq()
  10. getBaseFreq() replaced by getClockFreq()
  11. rtc_shm->rfreq replaced with rtc_shm->clk_freq
  12. Fix menu bar size problem on system with 100% character size

What’s new in build 5.3.9

  1. Add SatReceiver and SatEmitter based on TrackLib for Satellites
  2. For Satellite users, add DataLink demo showing communications capabilities
  3. Add simple orbit based on basic 6 orbital elements and Kepler laws
  4. Add J2 propagator for simple orbit mechanics
  5. Change Orbit_SGP4 propagator to pSGP4
  6. Fix a bug with UTC
  7. Add a new Data-Link sample for Satellites
  8. IsoElevation component and Validation routine for Satellites
  9. Add a slider to modify the Mean Anomaly for user orbits
  10. Change J2 and SGP4 validation functions to forbid offsetting entities on the orbit track
  11. Some validation functions can now be called at runtime (drawFunc only)
  12. Orbits and Entities are now automatically linked by a propagator
  13. scenario.wclock.julian time is now updated during runtime in Gui and Sim
  14. Terminator line and shadowing of the earth according to night/day
  15. Fix a bug in CodeInsight

What’s new in build 5.3.8

  1. Connection (in Logic) can be Immediate for some objects, instead of next-cycle Connect
  2. _Start event is now correctly send at simulation start
  3. Behaviors accept user Text in base layer and Groups
  4. Fix a memory leak/crash that occurs with Groups raising Events outside the Group scope
  5. Fix a sometimes crash with CodeInsight feature
  6. Improve Entity Bitmap editor with raster thumbnails
  7. Add thumbnail to Entity property window
  8. Log window can be saved as a text file
  9. Create Packets to be sent on Channels for Communications
  10. Add Reaction (to Event and Packets) to Components and DataModels
    Change void react(Event*) to int react(int, MData*).
    Function must
    return 1 when react code is added
  11. Improve the raiseEvent processing time during runtime
  12. Satellite Track library added (for Satellite licensed)
  13. Add Receiver and Emitter components, based on Packets and Channels
  14. Fix wrong position of non ECI objects in Globe View
  15. Fix a time drift problem with Scenario time scale, at Apply
  16. Add Cylinder object in Gfx layer (from,to) for gui_map
  17. Add Cone object (from,to) for gui_map (to extent Cone:from,azim,elev)

What’s new in build 5.3.7

  1. Fix a bug with validation functions under a certain configuration with Globe Mode
  2. Allow receiving raw messages (not MsgData) from socket
  3. When CodeInsight is disabled, no call to the library is performed
  4. Entity symbols (TGA) are now displayable in OpenGL Viewer

What’s new in build 5.3.6

  1. Earth globe accuracy can be changed in the Preference panel
  2. Drastically reduced the size of a database when Earth has been used
  3. Fix a bug in code generation when OSG viewer is combined with OSG sprite
  4. Remove the faulty zoom effect in HMI at panning
  5. Fix manual resizing errors with sprites under zoom or pan situation
  6. Fix a crash at stop when entity is still selected
  7. Add user color to behavior and model symbols
  8. Lamp sprite can now be circular and includes user-code
  9. Fix some bugs in the high fidelity dynamic model for land vehicles
  10. Add user time (0h-24h) for the OSG lightning and shadowing

What’s new in build 5.3.5

  1. Add CIGI connectivity
  2. Optimization of the runtime network manager
  3. Redesign of the Entity hook window
  4. Add Julian dating for satellite propagator
  5. Redesign the date preference settings
  6. Redesign the file and path selector button
  7. Force resize of features on SimEngine
  8. Case RESIZE now available on component, entity and player code
  9. Runtime meshes are now visible on the GUI
  10. Fix a crash when changing the type of an existing mesh
  11. Optimize OpenGL engine for Globe View with satellites
  12. Test and support of Mak RTI 4.3 (bin90 & bin100)
  13. Fix a wrong code generation for HLA 1.3
  14. Fix a bug when exporting DTED

What’s new in 5.3.4

  1. Add skins to modernize the UI
  2. Fix some display problems with ArcInfo
  3. Improved the hill-shading of DTED and drawing performances of DTED
  4. Fix LatLon aspect ratio distortion
  5. Fix LoS and AoS functions (Vertical Viewer can set the accuracy)
  6. Entity can be moved using the mouse on OpenGL viewer and GdiMap
  7. GdiMap generates mouse code part
  8. Enhance the GUI with Dual/Diag/Map buttons
  9. Integrate the Tutorial page inside the GUI
  10. Multiple GdiMap allowed (with terrain replication)
  11. ArcInfo query returns list of shapes (embed ones)
  12. Fix Socket item display when using scroll bars
  13. Add the entity history tracks for runtime maps

What’s new in 5.3.3

  1. Sprites are called in reverse display order for mouse actions
  2. Fix text font setting for Sprites code
  3. Options class replaced by Preferences (options.cpp by preferences.cpp)
  4. HMI windows can be moved at any mouse speed
  5. Fixed seldom memory corruption at database reload
  6. Fix a bug with vt_rtc->raiseEvent that was only sending to Scenario Scope
  7. vt_rtc->setSimSpeedFactor(0) is now activating max speed
  8. “all_sprites” global variable (struct) replaced by “s”
  9. Fix a sim crash when updating in runtime Land dynamic model
  10. When returning ABORT, no user-defined exit event is triggered anymore
  11. Import popup menu now adds a file open dialog (…)
  12. Automatic check for updates is now in Preference (off by default, faster startup)
  13. Components/DataModel and Classes renames change the user code accordingly
  14. Fix a bug in runtime monitoring when Logic has same name for different object types
  15. GdiMap now displays runtime graphics
  16. Move of the map using the right-mouse button
  17. WCoord, ground distance has been removed.
  18. WCoord, distanceTo, AzimuthTo and ElevationTo are now checking the unit.
  19. Add an automatic delayed start based on a UTC reference time
  20. Add a setReferenceTime(), setReferenceDate() and startAtReferenceTime() API

What’s new in 5.3.2

  1. Add Earth Globe pane view
  2. Add Orbits Feature in Navigation pane
  3. Add SGP4 Propagator
  4. Add Globe View in OpenGl viewer
  5. Add Lat/Lon dynamic grid on plan and perspective view
  6. Fix load/display of 3DS max models on OpenGL
  7. Reduced the memory footprint of entities
  8. Hmi popup-windows can be positioned from API
  9. Dted and Raster layers got setAlpha() to dimmer brightness
  10. Fixed mouse bounce on sprite Switch
  11. Fixed mstate value on GdiMap
  12. Allow multiple Hmi popup windows display

What’s new in 5.3.1

  1. Slightly improved the refresh speed on the GUI map (zoom, scroll, etc)
  2. Fix the scroll bar gap when small characters used in Windows (default)
  3. Add user-windows in HMI
  4. Fix GdiOsg viewport
  5. Fix ordering display for Sprites
  6. Simplify access of Sprites using S: and Vt_Hmi using H:
  7. Add HGT to elevation import in TerrainBuilder
  8. Add texture maker to improve elevation display
  9. Fix Elevation to WireFrame converter in TerrainBuilder
  10. Improve the Elevation hill-shading algorithm

What’s new in 5.3.0

  1. Grid altitude position fixed in perspective view
  2. Elevation layer redesign to support DTED 3 & 4 with correct performances
  3. OSG support of elevation terrain (customizable precision)
  4. Feature can set the size of the pen for drawing (0 for no outline)
  5. Pen color and fill color available for Features and Sprites
  6. VisualStudio 2008 and 2010 versions only

What’s new in build 5.2.18

  1. Support environment variable CODE_MLENGTH to increase the 64K maximum characters in text forms. Set the new desired length in bytes.

What’s new in build 5.2.17

  1. Fix LoD problem when small Arc-Info tiles are scattered on a big area

What’s new in release 5.2.16

  1. Add function getShapes(WCoord at, float precision) in arcInfo.h

What’s new in release 5.2.15

  1. Fix bug when creating runtime Mesh other than Material (was not added in the correct list)

What’s new in release 5.2.14

  1. Fix Mesh accuracy problem with very small cells on Lat/Lon terrain
  2. Fix Mesh crash when reading old formats
  3. Change the default mesh Cost function to reduce diagonal move in Path finding

What’s new in release 5.2.12

  1. Allow receiving raw messages (not MsgData) from socket.
  2. When CodeInsight is disabled, no call to the library is performed
  3. Retrofit Mesh fixes from 5.3 (only available for bin90 and bin100)

What’s new in release 5.2.10

  1. ArcInfo query returns list of shapes (embed ones)
  2. Runtime meshes are now visible on the GUI
  3. Fix a crash when changing the type of an existing mesh

What’s new in release 5.2.9

  1. Several minor bug fixes
  2. No automatic check for updates (faster application startup)
  3. GdiMap now displays runtime graphics
  4. Fix a bug in runtime monitoring when Logic has same name for different object types
  5. Add an automatic delayed start based on a UTC reference time
  6. Add a setReferenceTime(), setReferenceDate() and startAtReferenceTime() API

What’s new in release 5.2.8

  1. GUI can now spies a standalone simulation running, stop it (for restart) and quits.
  2. Manual scenario Send Event command from GUI raises it at AllScope
  3. Import of simplified textual flight-plans (*.txt, see Data/RNav samples)
  4. vt_rtc->getOptions() replaced with vt_rtc->getDbOptions()
  5. Import of Navaids listed in text format (see /import/navaids)

What’s new in release 5.2.7

  1. Add send(void*, size) to socket for sending
  2. vt_rtc->setBaseFreq(hz) can be used in logic to change RTC frequency during runtime
  3. Standalone application cannot be stopped from the GUI
  4. GUI can connect/disconnect to a running (standalone) sim-engine
  5. Socket can have a config file to specify at runtime ip, port, cast
  6. Fix a GUI crash when opening DataModels used by FedItems
  7. Check for Update is fixed
  8. Batch object CLEAN part is now called

What’s new in release 5.2.6

  1. Fix some residual minor bugs in HLA editor
  2. In standalone mode, all scenarios are generated (before, only the active one)
  3. Logic Action can be triggered inside the same cycle by several inputs (entries or events)
  4. Some meta replacements are wiser (D:/ is no more replaced with database()->/)
  5. Runtime Path changed to User Viewer source file (path) by default

What’s new in release 5.2.5

  1. Fix some bugs in HLA editor
  2. Fix a bug in the HLA code generation when working with dynamic arrays
  3. Fix a crash at mouse-down after a Feature deletion
  4. Fix copy/paste problem on all editor windows

What’s new in release 5.2.4

  1. Fix some minor bugs in HMI
  2. Regenerate vsViewer makefiles based on a selected Qt project file
  3. Fix DEM import in vsTerrainBuilder
  4. Fix a compilation bug in the code generation (HLA time constrained mode)
  5. Add compilation options to prevent random crash with makRTI
  6. Fix a crash (with makRTI) (time request call only after previous one is granted)

What’s new in release 5.2.3

  1. Fixed a crash at database reopen when Sprites are defined in the database
  2. Fixed mouse selection offset for borderless HMI windows
  3. Trajectory can be imported from GPX format
  4. osg::Switch used instead of osg::Group in vtOsg::osg_root data structure
  5. Fix a resource leak with windows descriptor
  6. Fix fog in Viewer OSG
  7. Add shadow techniques in Viewer OSG
  8. Fix bug in Feature duplication
  9. Add Entity Plan to library (for display in vsViewer, def_plan.lib)
  10. Add new hooks to resize Sprite shapes using the 4 corners
  11. Fix transparency problem on several Sprites
  12. Improved mouse accuracy with sprite Knob
  13. Mouse coordinates are fixed in HMI mode
  14. Move selected Sprites using keyboard arrow keys
  15. GdiOsg save/load user-added code.
  16. vsTasker generates code in vsViewer/Gen directory when use of vsViewer viewer
  17. Can duplicate any selected Sprite
  18. Alignment of Sprites (middle and center only for now)
  19. TerrainRep pointer has been replaced with ScnRep pointer in all Features
  20. Fix a wrong behavior for entities following a trajectory (whirling at some points)
  21. TerrainBuilder fix: Tiff conversion works with south hemisphere
  22. Fix the MakeThumbnail of WireFrane TerrainBuilder after export.
  23. Add MakeThumbnail for Tiled Maps in TerrainBuilder
  24. Reduce memory footprint using big tiled raster maps
  25. Fix Gfx runtime graphics zoom and offset
  26. RasterMap LOD has been fixed to force uncovered tiles to always display
  27. TerrainBuilder: geotiff to Raster can import jpg tiles from Global Mapper
  28. Visibility zone displayed using area instead of lines
  29. HMI deactivated in batch mode
  30. VerticalViewer fixed
  31. #define _BATCH added in generated header when batch mode active
  32. #define HMI_DEFINED replaced with _HMI when Sprites enabled
  33. Fix a crash when a Folder icon is inserted then deleted in the Logics pane
  34. Entity/Player Class “case RESET:” is now called at start (not before)
  35. Fix a problem with Logic Behaviors showing all symbols activated (magenta)
  36. DataModel makelib puts Initialization code into setDefault() function
  37. Fix Socket symbol positioning (after creation and load)
  38. Enhance the LAN property window
  39. Component MotionPattern no more crash when Pattern not found
  40. Events are now working with MotionPattern (entry/exit pattern)
  41. Pattern is drawn at correct altitude in perspective mode
  42. Add abort() to MotionPattern component
  43. Fix a bug when auto-generating the runtime path after Viewer change
  44. Add roads duplication feature
  45. Fix a crash when importing roads
  46. Add a global Feature lister (double click on Feature mode, or Properties)
  47. Application no more hangs as an orphan process (sometimes) at exit

What’s new in release 5.2.2

  1. Entity hook window works with Flight-Plans for altitude and speed changes
  2. OsgMap has more options (map move, mouse select)
  3. paint(color) unpaint() for Switch sprite
  4. HMI background forced to white color
  5. OsgMap background reflect the GUI definition one

What’s new in release 5.2.1

  1. Plan can be enabled/frozen/released/deleted during runtime (as well as plan-points)
  2. Middle-mouse button is no more used for group-selection (left button used instead)
  3. SelectAll functionality is now working correctly for Diagram objects
  4. SelectAll available in Diagram popup-menus
  5. Add an OSG -> Map importer in the TerrainBuilder tool
  6. OSG 3D Terrain editor and Raster maps are now compatible
  7. 3D Terrain editor enhancements
  8. Lat-Lon map can be displayed with an corrected aspect-ratio (according to latitude)
  9. Sprites are now displayed in listed order (for mouse selection)
  10. Add Minimized Display feature for Strip and Horizon sprites
  11. Move Forward/Backward capability for sprites (button and popup menu)
  12. Slider background is now displayed
  13. HMI panel have their own refresh rate (RTC based or fixed)
  14. Add gfx contexts for GDI to prevent texture collisions
  15. Fix a random crash at application exit when Features or Sprites loaded
  16. Keyboard supported by HMI when OSG Map is included
  17. GDI Map mouse selection available for user in the Draw code part
  18. Numerous fixes and improvements in the Sprites (edition and code generation)
  19. MotionPattern component: move(..) replaced by move2D or move3D and setWay()
  20. MotionPattern turn factor (user modifiable) to improve the U-turn of entities
  21. Fix a bug with Templates (now, they are kept)
  22. Optimize the DTED (elevation) display for big areas (or high density elevation data)
  23. Print of Logic (diagrams)
  24. Logger records the scenario name (and forbids replay on different scenario)
  25. Sundog Triton integration (for maritime simulation using OSG)
  26. Mak vrVantage viewer integration
  27. STANAG 4586 editor (and code generator)
  28. Console batch uses window forms
  29. Revisit LinearCtrl component to make value changes smoother
  30. SetBrake() & getBrake() belong to BasicDyn only
  31. Triton Viewer (for OSG)
  32. Qt Viewer
  33. vsViewer application and Viewer for runtime 2D/3D monitoring
  34. RNav Settings enhanced
  35. RNav windows close automatically at start or database close
  36. Add FIR/UIR to RNav
  37. Separate SID and STAR
  38. Improved RNav drawing capabilities
  39. geoTIFF importer for vsTerrainBuilder
  40. Add Quad-Tree wireframe to support high-resolution big areas
  41. Quad-Tree wireframe supports single or multiple texture resolution
  42. vsTerrainBuilder can convert GeoTiff to Quad-Tree wireframe and Tiled Maps
  43. vsTerrainBuilder can fill Quad-Tree layers with low-resolution thumbnails
  44. Support of osgAudio
  45. Maritime battleship demo using vsViewer
  46. Numerous improvements in the vtOSG module
  47. Quad-Tree supported by OSG viewer (with dynamic LOD)
  48. Light parametrization in OSG Viewer
  49. OSG Viewer supports automatic terrain offset
  50. 4586 XML definition importer for edition 2 and 3
  51. Changed PtfStatus damages levels (fine [50..100] damaged[25..50] critical[5..25] dead < 5%
  52. SilverLining integration
  53. Add AAA and MachineGun components in library
  54. Add several OSG components in Share
  55. Improved communication speed between Sim Engine and GUI
  56. Fixed Initialization start/pause/stop/freeze/resume cases in components, logics, entities, scenarios

What’s new in release 5.1.17

  1. Import/Export for all features
  2. Scenario Template includes Meshes, Winds and Roads

What’s new in release 5.1.16

  1. getLat() & getLon() now working fine for WCoord
  2. FlightPlan can be cleaned before new Import
  3. Import/Export in XML input/output coordinates in Lat/Lon
  4. Improved the RTC (drastically allow fast-time capability)
  5. With RTC Ignore OverTime, break-points at debug can be handled
  6. Clock is maintained synchronized in case of constant OverTime
  7. Minor fixes in Tiled Maps
  8. OSG Terrain supports Tiled Maps (for the highest LOD)
  9. Tiled Maps are elevated (if elevation database loaded)
  10. Add Optimize (+save) function for Elevation to reduce the area to Terrain size
  11. Fix a conversion problem with Entity Hook window for Pitch & Roll

What’s new in release 5.1.15

  1. Fix some minor bugs
  2. Improved the standalone mode by finding locally terrain databases (exe directory)
  3. Fix a bug with Trajectory list when refreshing it
  4. Fix the getNewPosAtGC() function
  5. Add Broadcast mode to Sockets
  6. Fix the Holding Pattern drawing
  7. Fix a bug with ARINC database 5 character long idents
  8. Fix a bug with Zone Import/Export (move the code to the Feature Manager dll)
  9. Fix a crash when opening logic behaviors with validation function

What’s new in release 5.1.14

  1. TerrainBuilder names correctly imported DTED files
  2. OSG: osg_terrain.cpp can create elev (DTED based) with huge databases
  3. Fix a crash with getNewPosAtGC()
  4. Add XML import/export for Flight-Plans
  5. Add Start mode (Start and Pause) in Database::Options::Runtime panel to allow scenario building before start. See /console/start_pause.db database.
  6. Terrain autoResize works with all layers and includes entity positions

What’s new in release 5.1.13

  1. Multiple curves are now sorted on Z
  2. Improvements on the Curves window editor
  3. WCoord object got elevationToGC() function (for great-arc accurate computations)
  4. Fix a memory corruption when raising more than once the same fact in a fact-database
  5. Delay Event condition code is now saved (and then, user-definable)
  6. Choice inverse true/false no more swap the group widgets
  7. WCoord getNewPosAtLL replaced by getNewPosAtGC
  8. All GC() functions are now converting positions to LLA if not in this type
  9. Add WCoord getLat() and getLon() with automatic conversion
  10. Features can be duplicated from GUI
  11. Scenario duplication also duplicates Features

What’s new in release 5.1.12

  1. vsTASKER now generates the Sim Engine as a DLL. See Runtime/DLL for sample.
  2. Qt integration with the generated Sim Engine (exe or dll). See Runtime/Qt for sample.
  3. Fix a bug with Synchro code generation (in Logic) making unexpected triggering in case of multiple shares of the same Logic.
  4. Fix a crash when duplicating some Groups in Logics.
  5. Links to Entry-Points are no more offset when using scroll-bars
  6. Fix a crash when duplicating a Logic or Group with Syncho object
  7. WCoord getNewPosAtLL replaced by getNewPosAtGC
  8. All GC() functions are now converting positions to LLA if not in this type
  9. Add WCoord getLat() and getLon() with automatic conversion.

What’s new in release 5.1.11

  1. Add Mesh import/export functions to load/save meshes from/onto a file
  2. secureWalls() got a parameter to coat walls (1) or only corners (0)
  3. Fix a bug in the Import Component/DataModel tree-list
  4. Goals has been replaced by Procedures
  5. Cumulative patch 1-4

What’s new in release 5.1.10

  1. Models & Validation no more share definitions on the same file
  2. component.lst renamed as default_cp.lst in /model (component.lst deprecated)
  3. military & stk component package added in /model (datamodel.lst deprecated)
  4. datamodel.lst renamed as default_dm.lst in /model
  5. Search-Pattern (L & U) cover now the full area
  6. Add canTic runtime controller mode (and function)
  7. RTC tic() function more accurate in heavy CPU consumption
  8. Fix meshes duplication/copy-paste crash
  9. Fix GUI labels/text sizes
  10. Fix double callback on Switch sprite

What’s new in release 5.1.9

  1. Matlab functions returning matrix are supported
  2. Facts and Events can carry a value (scalar or string) i.e.: _wait 12
  3. All Features can be created and modified at runtime from the GUI
  4. All Features can be created and modified from the SIM Engine (with GUI reflection)
  5. Fix all motion components to well behave at runtime Feature deletion
  6. Add a Matlab demo that creates a Trajectory for an aircraft
  7. Search & Replace have been extended to Sprites
  8. Expand Search-Pattern menu with sub-types (not all supported)
  9. Fix U-L Search-Pattern component

What’s new in release 5.1.8

  1. Fix a random memory corruption on OMT
  2. Fix a data alignment problem between Visual Studio and CodeGear C++
  3. Fix a setAltitude problem with LinearDyn when mixing setAlt and setElev
  4. Unlocalized Plan points are now displayed on the Map
  5. Vt_Plan get moveToPos() and reachedPos() embedded functions for Procedure convenience
  6. Plan Definition removed from the Entity Property window
  7. User can reorganize Plan Procedures (moving them up and down the list
  8. Plan Procedures have now an Help pane for user description
  9. A Plan can restart at end – restart evidence is shown on the map
  10. OpenSceneGraph terrain to Elevation tool has been improved
  11. Fix a side effect with events for some recursive cases of raiseEvent() calls
  12. Some improvements on the Sprites (gdi & osg)
  13. HMI made unique. Moved from Scenario to Database.
  14. Change all S:sprites. with R:sprites-> in all database code that use HMI
  15. Find/Replace works now with HMI (sprites) and Features
  16. Add Matlab application directory and mcc.exe file in the Matlab setup window
  17. Fix a bug with adding a dot in case of multiple curves
  18. RaiseEvent and RaiseFact functions updated and fixed on some places
  19. Add setMouseCursor() for Vt_RTC to change GUI cursor from the SIM engine
  20. Cancel button when creating a new object cancels the whole action

What’s new in release 5.1.7

  1. Add user help and name for Special-Zone areas
  2. Fix a crash when loading/unloading some RNav databases
  3. Flight-Plans include airport elevation
  4. FMS component supports change of speed, altitude and next waypoint
  5. Changing flight-plan during runtime no more jump position
  6. Alternate Flight-Plan is now supported with correct altitudes
  7. MotionZone component update ZoneRep speed and heading attributes

What’s new in release 5.1.6

  1. Groups (in Behaviors) can now hold items with same names amongst Groups
  2. Graphs can hold Curves or Charts with multiple names amongst Graphs
  3. Fix a bug with the Entity Hook-Window regarding heading constraints
  4. Airports and RNav Waypoint altitudes are taken into account in flight-planning
  5. Fix a crash at wind creation, since 1.3
  6. Multicast option for UDP sockets

What’s new in release 5.1.5

  1. Goals have been renamed Procedures
  2. Fix a crash when moving from single Catalogs to multiple
  3. Entity Plans are now displayed using a plugin (Plan dll)
  4. Fix a crash when creating a SQL Database
  5. LAN & HLA property windows are no more modal
  6. Add a flag multithreading in Vt_Rtc class to prevent some crashes

What’s new in release 5.1.4

  1. Can add a waypoint between (or at end) of a Flight-Plan
  2. Mesh buildWalls() function is now available for the Sim Engine
  3. Dramatically improved buildWalls() when used with huge meshes on OpenFlt database
  4. Special-Zones Import/Export capability for sharing between databases
  5. Search-Pattern Import/Export capability for sharing between databases
  6. Patterns now includes Search-Pattern (along with Formations) within the database
  7. Scenario duplication no more crashes
  8. Fix a bug when editing multiple curves (can add and edit one)
  9. Scroll bars now working with curves
  10. Add length computation functions for trajectories and roads
  11. Add trajectory in MotionZone component

What’s new in release 5.1.3

  1. Copy-Paste of Flight-Plans
  2. Add Flight-Plan Import/Export
  3. Add RNav contextual menu
  4. Add Reference Time to scenario (only for display or user purpose)
  5. Add reference and wall clock time + API (in scenario ScnRep class)
  6. Runtime Flight-Planning window revisited (works with all instances)
  7. Flight-Plan selection on Map (with contextual menu)
  8. Enabling/disabling Features/Sprites no more corrupt the database after save
  9. Fix a crash when adding a Departure/Arrival without SID/STAR
  10. Runtime Flight-Plan creation (and assignation)
  11. Runtime re-routing (alternate flight-planning)
  12. Hook-Window runtime commands (speed, altitude, heading) fixed
  13. Flight-Plans can include null speed/altitude waypoints to be user-defined
  14. Fixed transparency problem with special-zones on OpenGL viewer
  15. Fixed zooming problems with special-zones on OpenGL viewer
  16. OpenGL viewer now can display RNav & Flight-Plans
  17. User can create his own RNav items manually for flight planning
  18. Any Waypoint, Navaid or Airport can be displaced at runtime
  19. Wind general settings are now recorded
  20. Wind Cell (column) setting thru user window now available

What’s new in release 5.1.2

  1. FormRep class replaced with FormPtn (formation.h)
  2. SlotRep class replaced with FormSlot (formation.h)
  3. MotionPattern classes renamed (Feature/mpattern.h -> spattern.h)
  4. Flight-Plan Feature removed and changed as a main built-in capability
  5. Flight-Plan menu added in Environment (no more a Feature)
  6. RNav database moved from Terrain to Scenarios
  7. Remove Terrain Layers Property pane from Scenario Property
  8. Add Environment Terrain Layer tree-list
  9. Add Environment Navigation tree-list
  10. Add Runway & Sid/Star selector to Flight-Plans
  11. FlightManage (Flight-Plan follower) revisited
  12. Class ScnList replaced by Database
  13. In ScnRep, *scenarios member replaced with *database

What’s new in release 5.1.1

  1. Fix some bugs in the path-finding algorithm
  2. Reduce the size of a mesh (in memory and in the database)
  3. Fix a crash with rasters when file removed or renamed
  4. Fix a bug with standalone application when vstasker_dir missing and c:\ not writable
  5. Fix zooming and panning with Features under OpenGL runtime
  6. Fix inconsistent crash due to some function calling convention mismatch
  7. Fix erroneous offset while loading some big Open-Flight database.
  8. Improved settings in the OpenFlight Gui window (Terrain Layers)
  9. Improved OpenFlight settings for each layers
  10. Allow OpenFlight header watch
  11. Add “ignore” field for each OpenFlight layer (ignore for drawing and altitude query)
  12. Terrain Altitude will skip “ignore” stamped OpenFlight layers
  13. PathFinding Component can send GUI path for display purposes
  14. Runtime Graphic Objects can support big polygons (unlimited segments)
  15. Add BrokenLine runtime graphic Object (with unlimited points)

What’s new in release 5.1.0

  1. Fix the zooming/panning capability on Terrain 2D GUI map
  2. Improve entity tracking at runtime
  3. Fix bug with runtime graphic objects disappearing at high frequency
  4. Fix a crash with the Entity Hook window
  5. Improved the accuracy of symbol drawing at very high zoom
  6. Runtime entity tracking smoother at high zoom
  7. Scenario centering/zooming retreived at reload
  8. Visual/Radar/Sonar component have now getSensor() method
  9. Fix a memory leak under HLA mode
  10. In runtime.h EntityExport structure, azim changed to yaw
  11. Pitch and Roll exported to EntityExport
  12. Entity Hook Window now displays the Pitch and Roll
  13. Optimize the display/loading of tiled textured maps at zooming and reposition
  14. Fixed Terrain perspective zooming and mouse manipulation
  15. Improved tiled raster maps drawing in Perspective mode
  16. Fixed some z fighting problems in 3D mode
  17. Multiple Raster Layers with automatic LOD
  18. UTM conversion to LLA and XYZ
  19. Provide Map of the world
  20. Fix a crash when opening more than 200 raster tiles
  21. Improve symbol position accuracy on wide area maps
  22. Entity Hook window lists all behavior Events
  23. Entity Hook window Control pane is now functional
  24. Single/Multiple Entity Catalog (default is now one unique Catalog per database)
  25. TerrainBuilder can import outputs from MapMaker (geo-referenced raster tiles)
  26. vsTASKER supports geo-referenced raster tiles
  27. Rotator and Slider Sprites have compound background image
  28. Stability improvements
  29. Pitch HLA Evolved compliant (+ simple RPR FOM demo)
  30. Sim Engine no more crashes when RTI connection fails
  31. Improve speed by factor 2 the update of the mapping (when zooming and scrolling)
  32. Fix an offsetting bug in perspective view
  33. Improved the BasicMissile component (on hit)
  34. Fix a bug with latest version dongle license keys
  35. Add Stanag-4586 component/libraries
  36. Reduced the size of the Material Mesh Node (for huge meshes)
  37. Deletion of Meshes is now instantaneous
  38. Allow XY import of Arc/Info files
  39. Improved the consistency of the measurement string in Mesh and Road modes
  40. Improved performances in push/pop of data in Array template
  41. Improve performances in path-finding on big/huge networks
  42. RoadFinding component for road-following behavior
  43. High Speed basic missiles now hit target before crashing on ground
  44. Scenario pointer can now be used on Goals
  45. Add timeTo2D() function in BasicDyn virtual class
  46. DataModels generated by OMT now initialize all attributes at setup
  47. Fix error in EulerToHpr() conversion method
  48. OMT Enum are now sized (for code generation)
  49. Entities are drawn on map after every other layers (to avoid being hidden)
  50. FootPrint duration time added to Radar & Visual
  51. Add fading effect to all timed graphical objects at runtime
  52. Fix a crash when setting a motionPattern at runtime
  53. Improved OpenFlt raw import
  54. TerrainBuilder support OpenFlt external references
  55. Fix path-finding with new version of Meshes

What’s new in release 5.0.7

  1. Fixed OMT file name import loss
  2. Fixed compilation error with forward struct declaration on HLA databases
  3. Add Model Optimization flag for Code Generation
  4. Runtime Features (Trajectories, Paths, Motion-Pattern)
  5. Fix database when no design features defined (only for runtime)
  6. JPEG/PNG/GIF support for Sprites (and texture mapping)
  7. Add MotionPattern component in the library
  8. TextField sprite can be editable or display only (with user-define frequency)
  9. Add ImageList Sprite
  10. Fix bug with some sprite when saving user-code
  11. Fix transparency not working with ValueList sprite
  12. Make Terrain Raster Map defined with 4 corners (instead of center/width/height)
  13. Fix Sensor Dome display (wrong display in 3D because Sensor dome is fixed!)
  14. Add Sensor Relative/Absolute mode
  15. Add FootPrint mode for Sensor in design time
  16. Add GfxPoly runtime object to draw polygons (9 segments max) on the GUI from Sim
  17. Runtime Sensor footprint (transient and persistent mode)

What’s new in release 5.0.6

  1. RTI main runtime tick() frequency can be set in the HLA::Rti::tuning window
  2. RTI tick() is wall-clock based
  3. Mesh build walls with less holes in it using OpenFlt database.
  4. Fix altitude picker in multi-databases environement
  5. Fix LOS feature in multi-databases environment
  6. Can clean and load Terrain layers from code (in both SIM & GUI)
  7. Runtime special zones (from GUI or Simulation Engine)
  8. Fix crash with huge meshes
  9. Directly load of dt0, dt1 and flt files, from GUI or from code
  10. Fix error in open-flight getAltitude() function
  11. Fix error in open-flight polygon selection (now works)
  12. Add selectable option for open-flight (on/off)
  13. Improve by x 3 the drawing of OpenGl GUI (OpenFlight, DTED, ArcInfo…)
  14. Meshes user builder as importer
  15. Roads importer based on Arc-Info layer
  16. ARINC 424 SID/STAR import and display
  17. ARINC 424 Runways import and display
  18. Change Map selection mode (middle button to select)
  19. Change Map moving mode (left button + Ctrl key down)
  20. Improved Holding Pattern selection with the mouse

What’s new in release 5.0.5

  1. Sockets can be connected before or after simulation start (as well as manually)
  2. LAN connections are closed at simulation exit
  3. Add feature MotionPattern
  4. Entity plan can connect directly to Trajectories and MotionPatterns
  5. Entity plan can be disconnected
  6. Add StartTrajectory and LeaveTrajectory Goal (for Plans)
  7. Trajectories can be flown in Reverse mode (last to first)
  8. Many improvments on the OSG 3D editor
  9. Add sprite Label
  10. Add sprite Check/RadioBox
  11. Add sprite ValueList
  12. Add a text label to Switch (to easely create push-buttons)
  13. Fix offset in features drawing when zooming under mouse-focus mode
  14. Motion-Patterns now have fixed separation legs mode
  15. Transparent zoning for motion patterns
  16. Motion-Patterns can be reshaped during runtime

What’s new in release 5.0.4

  1. Simulink model files are released (closed) once imported.
  2. Add ExtDyn model to SimLib (external model)
  3. WindDraw call generated for OpenGL viewer
  4. FlightPlan window is no more modal at creation time
  5. Wind features can be hidden in normal terrain map view
  6. Simulink object shows only usable input/output ports
  7. MotionZone now moves polygonal special zones
  8. ADD/DEL_ENTITY event is propagated to all components
  9. Simulink model compilation uses defines.txt for makefile defines
  10. IFF field removed from EntityExport struct. Use force field instead
  11. Export component now uses hb field (EntityExport) to remove ghost external entities

What’s new in release 5.0.3

  1. User can now create RNav objects from the FlightPlan panel
  2. Can insert Point into a FlightPlan (not only Add)
  3. Add Wind features (Areas + Tubes)
  4. Wind Area import (from Weather data table)
  5. Add Altitude stretching scale
  6. Zones can be moved and resized at runtime from GUI
  7. MotionZone component added to move zones at runtime along a Path
  8. Change HiYawCtrl DataModel to HiHdgCtrl
  9. MotionGoto component accept target changes at runtime
  10. Point (feature) can be created at runtime
  11. Flight-Plans can be created at runtime

What’s new in release 5.0.2

  1. Socket visual improvements
  2. RNav bug fixes (item deletion, contextual menu…)
  3. FPlan bug fixes (unlink of RNav item, holding distance…)

What’s new in release 5.0.1

  1. Plan definition can hook on Feature LocPoint and Trajectory Point
  2. Point features can use transparent bitmap for display
  3. Hints are displayed (and editable) when over any object in the Diagram pane.
  4. ARINC 424 support for Navaids, Waypoints, Holding patterns, Enroutes, Airports, Sid/Star
  5. Array<> by default is now MKEEP and not MDELETE
  6. Flight-Plan feature
  7. Flight Management component for use with Flight-Plans
  8. Linux libraries for the simulation engine
  9. Environment Font setting for all Text editors.
  10. Entity runtime duplication keeps speed and heading
  11. Improved GUI stability