vsTASKER release notes v6.1

What’s new in build 6.1.0
[481] (01/01/2018)

  1. Change the default skin
  2. Fix a seldom crash when reshaping some road segments
  3. Update several database samples to make them compile and run with latest build
  4. Fix Table<> template when used with scalar types
  5. Fix a hang under texteditor when using ‘(‘ in a word starting from first pos.
  6. Fix MainGun component round fires (was only firing 1 bullet before)
  7. Fix a bug with behaviors (when linked) for runtime instanciated entities
  8. Generate cleaner code to avoid some seldom crashes at simulation exit
  9. Improved the MainGun component (new MG_Detonation event)
  10. Vt_Chrono: since() and read() function removed. Use get() or time() instead
  11. Fix a crash when loading a database with WebMap terrain and no Internet
  12. Fix a crash when using database long names (> 50 characters)
  13. Fix user drawings in GdiMap (now they are visible)
  14. Improved code generation for GdiOsg (make runtime faster)
  15. Fix a bug in Vt_Entity with functions distance/azimuth/elevation using position as argument
  16. Fix the HMI/Village demo
  17. Fix the camera hook on entity with OSG viewer
  18. Improve vt_runtime_osg.cpp to allow better faster than real-time
  19. Fix the deletion/removal of entities in the 3D Editor at compile time and after simulation stop.
  20. CloseAll works fine under the 3D editor
  21. Radar and Sonar sensors can now raise _RadarBeam and _SonarBeam to warn any detected entity
  22. For missile use, _MslMiss is now raised towards the targeted entity
  23. MainGun raises MG_Detonation to each entity below a given distance value
  24. Cannot add twice a similar Logic/Knowledge/Model without agreeing manually
  25. Fix a crash when deleting an orbit with the validation function activated (to draw the orbit)
  26. Optimized the GUI reaction speed when hundreds/thousands of entities/orbits are loaded
  27. When Scenario has MuteSharedMem option enabled, Export component no more updates GUI
  28. Fix a bug when deleting a component from the Entity Property window
  29. Template editor delete button works correctly on Scenarios and Entities
  30. Fix the Grid default values on Db Setting Property window
  31. Fix a crash with gamepad when initialized too soon
  32. Fix a texture corruption on tiles when mixing RasterMap and some OSG terrains
  33. Rebuild all sample demos using Visual Studio 2010
  34. Improved component BasePilote
  35. Suppress of the annoying bip when deleting an item with the keyboard
  36. Fix a crash when using the LOS tool right after creating a new Road
  37. Fix the drawing of a road strip (lines are now parallel)
  38. After being triggered, a Rule can now terminate the Context or the Knowledge
  39. Fix some deletion mishaps when using the keyboard delete key
  40. In UInterface, LIST[my enum = value, …] now supports spaces
  41. Fix a crash when changing a Mesh type after creation
  42. In terrain property window, SVG map can have a layer removed using x button
  43. SVG hide button now works
  44. Fix history track tail deletion on time out for OpenGL viewer
  45. Fix crash when duplicating scenario with SVG map
  46. Duplication of a scenario with Features now works fine
  47. Fix grid drawing in curves for negative values
  48. Fix a crash when aborting a mesh creation using the mouse
  49. Plan Points can now be repositionned using the manual mouse and click button
  50. Fix a crash when an entity is deleted while holding a hook for Measurement string or LoS fan
  51. Fix cut on a rule (was not cutting before)
  52. Add dmodel pointer as an alias to local for FedItems
  53. Fix FedItem runtime windows (Used-By and Instance List) – used to be empty
  54. Fix display of HMI sub-windows without specific x,y positioning
  55. Selecting any entity entry in the runtime entity list freezes the update. Use right-click Refresh to release it. This is useful when many entities are created as the list is constantly refreshed, making selection quite impossible.
  56. Fix a bug corrupting some databases
  57. Improved the setter/getter name function generation (better upper/lower casing)
  58. Fix the PitchRTI code generation to work with the latest Pitch release (including Evolved)
  59. Fix and enhance the GdiOsg code generation with automatic camera control
  60. Add a gimbal manipulator for OSG camera
  61. Fix restart procedure for FlightManage component
  62. Fix an annoying crash at exit or scenario change due to a bug in the undelete feature