vsTASKER release notes v6.2

What’s new in build 6.2.17
[490] (16/03/2024)

  1. Fix a calculation error in speed vector for WingDyn_High
  2. Fix the UTC and WallClock checkboxes (now saved)
  3. Add a Waypoints importer (RNAV)
  4. Improved the GPX importer for both Points and Trajectories
  5. Fix the UTC check box in the Scenario Property window
  6. Julian date is now updated correctly
  7. Remove a memory leak in with circleLineIntersection and sphereLineIntersection functions

What’s new in build 6.2.16
[490] (28/01/2024)

  1. Support for vc100 x64 (Visual Studio 2010) and vc141 x64 (Visual Studio 2017)
  2. Compilation and run from the GUI for x64 target platforms
  3. HMI libs for vc100 x64 and vc141 x64

What’s new in build 6.2.15
[490] (27/08/2023)

  1. FlightManage: waypoint is reached when below “at_reach” travel time, set up in component
  2. Velocity Vector computation: no more normalized on Alt under Lat/Lon computations
  3. Improve the following of flight plans with arc-circle path (RF terminator)
  4. Fix the reported speed (TAS) for WingDyn_High at low speed (< 5 m/s) – Patch 1
  5. A/C under WingDyn_High have climb/descent limited by max values – Patch 2
  6. FlightManage: Altitude Mode can be favored : Slope or MaxRate – Patch 2
  7. In Altitude_Slope flight mode, pitch is correctly bounded (asin func protected) – Patch 3

What’s new in build 6.2.14
[490] (20/09/2022)

  1. Replaced vs by d_rate in hi_* data-models (to avoid confusion with vertical speed)
  2. Add getVerticalSpeed() and getGroundSpeed() functions to WingDyn_Hi component
  3. WingDyn & High now compute real vertical speed (not based on pitch only) – patch1
  4. getFPA() function added to WingDyn & High – patch1
  5. Improve accuracy of getGroundSpeed() for WinDyn_High – patch1
  6. Generated code for Simulink models supports Matlab for up to R2020a patch1
  7. Fix a bug with HighFidelity components preventing negative rates patch2
  8. Add getTAS() for WingDyn_High component – patch3
  9. getSpeed() returns TAS for WingDyn_High (only) – patch3
  10. Fix velocity vector computation when useGC is set – patch4
  11. Fix a bug with altitude change from hook window, propagated to all entities with flight plans – patch5
  12. This build supports v7 dongles

What’s new in build 6.2.13
[490] (10/02/2022)

  1. Fix the catalog reference for runtime instances
  2. Entity hook window displays in title: name [catalog] (id)
  3. Fix the constant radius arc drawing in flight-plans
  4. Mouse wheel scrolls up/down diagrams under focus (ESC key to recenter)
  5. Add automatic rearrange of icons for Flight-Plans and Orbits
  6. Add rearrange menu option for Logics
  7. Ctrl key can be used to group select/deselect most diagram items
  8. Ctrl key can be used to select several entities and flight-plans
  9. Fix altitude constraints in FlightManage component
  10. Fix eulerHpr/HprEuler computation
  11. Fix generated code (no more compile error due to FlightManage component missing)

What’s new in build 6.2.12
[490] (11/11/2021)

  1. Add Import menu for FlightPlans
  2. Add bulk import panel (FPlans for now)
  3. Fix ICAO size in RNAV (up to 4 characters now)
  4. Aircraft now follow F-Plan using a slope between waypoints

What’s new in build 6.2.11
[490] (14/09/2021)

  1. Default empty fields of UInterface are cleaned at Stop if filled during runtime
  2. Fix wrong behavior in FlightManage component at flight-plan restart
  3. Updating values of FlightManage during runtime now keep the flight-plan running

What’s new in build 6.2.10
[490] (01/08/2021)

  1. FPlan RF terminator needs now to define the rotation center (lat/lon)
  2. Fix length computation for RF path terminator (using GreatCircle)
  3. Fix drawing of RF arc circle path
  4. Fix RF following (flight_manage.h)
  5. Minor cosmetic fixes

What’s new in build 6.2.9
[490] (01/08/2021)

  1. FPlan can specify user color for each flight plan
  2. Flight-Manage component now deletes on request A/C at FPlan end
  3. Flight-Manage: early turn is now made on first IF segment (unless overfly)
  4. Add Wpt Reached At time value in Flight-Manage component
  5. FPlan displays Lat/Lon with 3 digits.
  6. FPlan no more display Track, Dist and ETA for first waypoint
  7. Minor cosmetic fixes

What’s new in build 6.2.8
[489] (05/05/2021)

  1. FPlan design window fixes.
  2. Allow import of GAR files as named SpecialZones.

What’s new in build 6.2.7
[489] (01/09/2019)

  1. RNav elements text (size and color) is user definable for each category.
  2. Minor cosmetic fixes.

What’s new in build 6.2.6
[488] (07/06/2019)

  1. Fix a crash when changing databases after opening the 3D editor
  2. Add x64 libraries for vc2010 & vc2017 Sim Engine. Console and OpenGL supported only.

What’s new in build 6.2.5
[488] (12/02/2019)

  1. Non reentrant groups could not properly restart with a persistent EPoint. Fixed.
  2. Greatly improved the entity populate function speed for > 1000 entities
  3. Standalone applications can now find their rt database in the exe current directory
  4. Selecting group of entities on the map for deletion no more delete a design object!
  5. GdiMap can now do passive mouse selection of entity (when over the label)
  6. Entity label structure modified: lbl_dist -> label.offset | lbl_agl -> label.angle | setlabel -> label.active
  7. EntLabel structure contains “mouse” to retreive the latest mouse position recorded over the label
  8. EntLabel structure contains “udata” void* to allow user to add own data. Automatically freed at deletion.
  9. In Label (Sprite), “caption” replaced with “cstr” (char[])
  10. In TextField (Sprite), “caption”|”field” (union) variable replaced by “vfield”

What’s new in build 6.2.4
[488] (28/01/2019)

  1. Fix detection problem when sensor has offset
  2. Fix sensor distance/azimuth computation when map is using LLA
  3. Add group to scenario & entity commands (to allow one level sub-menu)
  4. Add separator in commands using – as the name
  5. In receiving sockets user code, return AGAIN; will force reading the socket without waiting for the next cycle. This can freeze the simulation if data is continuously queued in. Use return DONE; (default) to delay the reading to the next cycle.
  6. Fix an issue when setting coordinates in Lat-Lon for a Special Zone polygon point
  7. FlightManage includes turn anticipation
  8. Path terminator HF fixed (one race track only)
  9. Add HM (manual termination) for racetrack path terminator
  10. Fix an issue forbidding manual addition of an holding pattern in RNAV
  11. Fix an issue with manual update of RNAV elements (waypoints, navaids, airports…)
  12. Redesign the path terminator definition in design and runtime
  13. RF and HA have been added to the GUI (terminator panel)
  14. Fix “restart flight plan” option in FlightManage component
  15. FlightManage component redesigned to better work with path terminators.
    Supported terminators are: IF, DF, TF, CF, RF, HA, HF, HM

What’s new in build 6.2.3
[486] (15/09/2018)

  1. Fix altitude problem in Osg2Map converter for database with non zero mean altitude
  2. 3D Editor can now load OBJ models
  3. Add x & y offset for GUI and SIM 3D models
  4. Fix some OSG lightning problems on Editor3D plugin
  5. Fix the Environment Entity list during runtime (no more flashing)
  6. Runtime deletion of trajectory & path waypoints are fixed (no more echo on deletion)
  7. In MotionFollow and MotionSlide, next waypoint altitude can be changed during runtime
  8. When a User-Command requests extra parameters, canceling the window cancels the command
  9. Minor cosmetic fixes and improvements
  10. Add maximum climb and turn rates for WingDyn (easier than tuning the control loops)
  11. Fix entity heading symbol discrepancy according to map projection
  12. High fidelity dynamics how use Great Circle setting of BasicDyn. Correct angles are now computed when the entity is moving towards specific coordinates (trajectory or flight plan).
  13. Fix a crash when deleting an entity during runtime with the rule line attached on it

What’s new in build 6.2.2
[481] (01/05/2018)

  1. Improved the WingDyn_High component to better address climb/descent rates
  2. WingDyn_High mode in manual mode climb/descend according to pitch value
  3. Manual pitch and roll setting on the Entity Hook-Window disengages the AutoPilot mode
  4. Fix a crash when copy/paste action is used on entity and database is then closed
  5. Fix the flameout() function in BasicMsl component
  6. Secure the application at start when VSTASKER_DIR environment variable is missing
  7. Little cosmetic changes et minor fixes

What’s new in build 6.2.1
[481] (24/04/2018)

  1. Add PLAYER license mode for the GUI (restricted mode)
  2. Remove the simulation engine autoload (default) when loading a database
  3. Prevent duplicating a private (library based) Component or Data-Model
  4. Fix a crash when deleting a component (bug introduced in v6.0.21)
  5. Fix a bug which was increasing the size of the database over time, for nothing. This fix will immediately reduce the size of the db at first save.
  6. Remove a false warning message when adding any library component or data-model
  7. Add CLASS pre-process mechanism to enable default values for embed classes, from header files for Components and Data-Models.
  8. DEF[] keyword works with class and can default list of UI class parameters
  9. Review of all component header files for default values and documentation
  10. Removal of all prototype code regarding Behavior-Trees (moved to v7)
  11. Fix and slightly improved all model components