vsTASKER release notes v7.0

What’s new in build 7.0.9
[574] (16/02/2020)

  1. Change code generation and some interface to comply with C++11 (under Qt)
  2. Fix a bug with OpenFlight loader, now when Origin is defined, terrain is correctly translated.
  3. OpenFlight loader can now translate groups correctly
  4. OpenFlight loader supports 16.7 file format
  5. Fix a bug with broadcast udp mode (receiver)
  6. Add a removeAll() function to remove all feature at runtime from the code
  7. Fix a bug with FutureTrack not working on HMI map when controlled from the code
  8. Upgrade the Qt examples to 2015 (v5.9.8)
  9. Basic Setup visual setup was not displayed on ATC_Ent plugin (fixed)
  10. Could not reposition the label at design in ATC_Ent plugin (fixed)
  11. Runtime features are removed at simulation stop
  12. Fix a bug forbidding mouse relocation of a runtime Peature Point with bitmap
  13. Unloaded Sprite DLL can be activated at load if HMI uses them (before were ignored)
  14. Unloaded Feature DLL can be activated at load if scenario defines some (before were ignored)
  15. Fix a bug which was making the GUI invisible when license was invalid
  16. SourceId is now automatically added to send message (and filtered out if needed)
  17. WingDyn now allows reversing heading when backing up
  18. Motion* components: setSpeed/Altitude() switch the mode to Manual and not Forced !
  19. Add SQlite libraries (and headers) with a little demo
  20. In FlightPlan, add manual terminator entry with no fix (like CA)
  21. Capability to reorder flight-plan waypoints (even in SID or STAR)
  22. When an entity is selected, reselecting it will not reset the diagram current focus
  23. WingDyn has now Min/Max pitch angles and max roll angles user can set
  24. Airliner component has been rewritten to use more of WingDyn
  25. Fix a bug in the FlightPlan export which prevented to save/load raw format (the most useful)
  26. When a road way is changed, all strip ways are also changed (user confirmation requested)
  27. Fix a crash when deleting from the GUI the last strip/segment of a road
  28. Add a menu option to split a road trip into 2 identical strips
  29. Road strips no more hold Category (moved to the Road). Automatic migration at load
  30. Add Final RNav procedures (from the database up to the flight-plan)
  31. RNav relink now look for the closest fix in case of similar designators
  32. Drastically improve the processing time of the RNav database at load (for world database)
  33. Fix a bug with WinDyn at touchdown (heading problem)
  34. Improve the loading speed of SVG database
  35. Add more AP controls for the FlightManager (speed, altitude change, offset fplan, etc)
  36. Fix a crash with CIGI Packet import (when the exported Packet has XPoint)
  37. Fix a bug with OSG Cockpit view which was looking backward instead of forward
  38. A DataModel attached to a Feature point can now be editable
  39. Fix a crash when closing a Feature DataModel during runtime
  40. Fix a crash when importing a CigiPacket
  41. network pointer is initialized in all objects (was 0 before, same as vt_rtc->networks)
  42. OpenGL Viewer allows use of OpenGL or Glut layer
  43. GL/vt_ogl.cpp/h (in include and src) are now shared by OpenGL & Glut
  44. Glut32.lib/dll has been enhanced to support mouse wheel value (for all OpenGL windows). If you see the following error: __glutGetMouseScrollDelta, you need to replace C:\Windows\System\glut32.dll with the one in C:\VirtualSim\vsTasker\7\bin\vc100\glut32.dll
  45. Menus can be added in Glut windows & HMI maps
  46. Add Zoom by Wheel on HMI GdiMap Sprite (replace the right mouse button + CTRL zoom)
  47. Add a Quit menu option to HMI window including GdiMap to close resources nicely

What’s new in build 7.0.8
[572] (24/01/2020)

  1. Add SpeedMode for MotionGoto, MotionFollow, MotionSlide, MotionZone and MotionPattern components. Speed value and mode are now separate.
  2. Add AltitudeMode for MotionGoto, MotionFollow, MotionSlide, MotionZone and MotionPattern components. See Developer Guide for more explanations on how to adjust to this change.
  3. Capability to go reverse using negative speed with MotionGoto, MotionFollow and MotionSlide components.
  4. Deprecation of some API: move(float), move2D(float) and forceSpeed(float) have been replaced with move(), move2D() and setSpeed(). Refer to Developer Guide.
  5. Add a NaviGraph raw data importer.
  6. Improved the processing speed of RNAV data after load.
  7. Minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes

What’s new in build 7.0.7
[570] (13/01/2020)

  1. Fix MotionFollow and MotionSlide component to allow negative speeds and reverse motion
  2. Add Proximity Mesh optimization feature for Sensor (works with Radar, Visual, Sonar)
  3. Fix a bug with the DynamicUI color selector
  4. Add debug option for linkage (which generates pdb) for release debug (with attachment)
  5. Fix the standalone mode (exe now starts automatically)
  6. Closing the HMI window now gracefully stops the simulation
  7. Rebuild all debug librairies to remove a dependancy to vld.lib

What’s new in build 7.0.6
[567] (03/01/2020)

  1. Add AviationEdge server for ADS-B input
  2. Improved the ADS-B component
  3. Unified the output of the ADS-B NetReaderApp application
  4. Improved the performance of all string related operations (code generation…)
  5. Runtime entity can now be created with a name (no need to call rename)
  6. Add LargeAddress for over 2Gig memory access for x86 projects (Db Options)
  7. Fix several memory leaks with runtime entities (a concern when thousands are created and deleted)
  8. Fix numerous memory leaks using Purify tool
  9. Add HMI/Sprites libraries for x64 simulation engine for VisualStudio 2010/2015/2017

What’s new in build 7.0.5
[561] (23/12/2019)

  1. ADS-B component, demo and tutorial
  2. Fix compilation of sample HMI/village
  3. Fix 3D Editor to allowing entity reposition with the mouse
  4. Improve the history track with individual color and fading effects
  5. Fix WebMap tile resizing (better coverage of the terrain)
  6. Active scenario is now automatically focused at database load
  7. Add user defined background color for the HMI output window
  8. Enhance the drawing of a Slider sprite (when background missing)
  9. Fix a crash when calling the Font manager from a sprite
  10. Add the function terminate() to Vt_RTC class (to be called from the sim)
  11. Fix a bug with the code tags for Sprites
  12. Make the HMI responsive even when vt_rtc->stop() is called
  13. Fix bug with History Tracks not being displayed with Mute SharedMem
  14. Fix terrain sizing. Corners have now prevalence over width and length.
  15. Fix WebMap tile sizing
  16. Greatly improve the performance of the History Tracks (CPU wise)
  17. Add Future Track to Entity (with runtime API)
  18. Fix an old bug which was preventing Data-Model monitoring at runtime
  19. Numerous little cosmetic changes

What’s new in build 7.0.4
[561] (30/11/2019)

  1. RNav can read the ARINC424 header (and displays it)
  2. Fix some dark theme coloring
  3. Fix the Enroute display (name highlighted)
  4. Fix the multi-sequences SID/STAR display (first sequence displayed)
  5. Add display toggle for Low and High Enroutes
  6. Fix the prune out process for all hemispheres
  7. Add alpha value for brightness control of raster and web maps
  8. Fix a crash when running OpenGL viewer (or Qt viewer) – fix 7.0.3 update bug
  9. Secured all topmost windows to prevent some to appear behind some others
  10. Improved the grid lat/lon display
  11. Fix a bug in the Lat/Lon default values for Grid settings
  12. Set Coastline color suitable for both themes
  13. Fix the Charts and Curves colors in dark theme
  14. Add the global Vt_Entity::check_name_unicity flag to fasten creation of thousands entities
  15. GdiOsg needs an OsgViewer to work. Fix HMI/village demo
  16. Fix a terrain dimensions bug when extremities are close to antemeridian.
  17. Fix Lat/Lon grid decimal unit display
  18. Fix the unzoom functionality (map toolbar)

What’s new in build 7.0.3
[554] (19/11/2019)

  1. Logic Task can now have a persistant EPoint
  2. Fix a bug with Persistant EPoint. Now, the EPoint reactivates (if persistant) only when the object it is hooked on leaves normally with DONE. Before, it reactivated immediatly. This may impact some faulty logics.
  3. Dark theme first draft (features and sprites not covered yet)
  4. Fix a bug when moving Rotator and Knob sprites under zoom (rotation center was slipping away)
  5. Can now paste an entity after copy, using the context menu
  6. Command/Event code now available for auto-update process
  7. Sprite code now available for auto-update process
  8. Allow Send and Receive socket items to use the same port
  9. Socket messages Source Id + filter-out fix: now: when filter out is checked, incoming messages with the same source are ignored and left in the buffer.
  10. Fix the runway display on the FlightPlan window
  11. Fix the broadcast mode (add Any Addr option)

What’s new in build 7.0.2
[550] (01/11/2019)

  1. Entity position was not correctly displayed on the Entity property window
  2. Component FlightManage has been renamed FlightManager (typo corrected)
  3. Fix a bug when saving a proned out RNAV database (no more crash at load)
  4. Runways (and other items) are now visible (hidden by default since then)
  5. FlightManage component makes realistic landings on runways
  6. A Flight-Plan can include a runway to land to or take-off from
  7. Any Flight-Plan waypoint can be removed from the plan
  8. Flight-Plans are now displayed in perspective mode, showing waypoints height
  9. Enhance FlightManage component for takeoff and landing phases
  10. Include the takeoff behavior in WingDyn component
  11. Fix a long freeze at scenario duplication or deletion
  12. Fix color of CircularGrid (and add a center little cross)
  13. Add freetype fonts for Entities (new font selector in Entity Properties)
  14. Add freetype fonts for Sprites (HMI objects)
  15. Circular plugin has been removed (and combined with Grid plugin)
  16. Add a SimpleMap sample for Qt in Runtime/Qt/SimpleMap
  17. Entity hook window now displays the target values for Speed, Heading and Altitude
  18. Reduce size of EntityExport structure by 16 bytes (useful with hundreds of entities)
  19. Fix an echo on Networks when raising Event to vt_rtc
  20. Fix a crash in SpecialZone component when entity is removed during runtime
  21. All terrain layers ask for a new file name at save-as (instead of overwritting the db)
  22. All Sprite and Feature windows can now Apply with effect on the display
  23. Fix a crash when saving-as a database during runtime (rare procedure)
  24. Fix a texture bug when autoloading a database with raster maps
  25. Hook window shows a button to popup the Flight Plan window
  26. Entered decimal lat/lon on Feature Point are no more nulled
  27. Removal of the background definition in Rotator and Slider sprites (use TexShape instead)
  28. Fix a glitches in sprite TexShape at manual resize with aspect ratio on
  29. Fix the OsgViewer camera setting (cockpit was not working well)
  30. Fix the OsgMap sprite (was not functional on v7)

What’s new in build 7.0.1
[547] (01/10/2019)

  1. Automatic code synchronization between Visual Studio and vsTASKER GUI
  2. Titan Vanguard DLL integration + demo
  3. CIGI redesigned including Packet definition imports
  4. Add CIGI in Design mode
  5. Automatic Elevation Data generation using CIGI
  6. VBS-IG integration + demos using CIGI
  7. Add Folders for Cigi, HLA, 4586, DDS and Logic
  8. osgEarth viewer with demos and utility functions
  9. Dynamic User Interface redesign
  10. Single Terrain mode (one terrain shared for all scenarios)
  11. VBS3 Integration, templates and demos using ASI connexion
  12. Window resize and reposition is memorized per object.
  13. Fix ASC import (correct width/height using WGS84 projection instead of Flat Earth)
  14. In TerrainRep, add min and max WCoord variables (lower-left & upper-right).
  15. In TerrainRep, width & height variables replaced with getWidth() & getHeight() methods
  16. For generated code, <dbname>.h has been replaced with <dbname>_hdr.h
  17. Elevation tiles can now be resized using upper-right corner new position
  18. Can import Arc/Info in UTM
  19. Globe mode is now a plugin
  20. New coordinates converter (see Tools::Converter)
  21. MGRS conversion system in WCoord
  22. Arc/Info layers can be offseted and rescaled
  23. Reduce the memory footprint of a loaded database (more objects = more saving)
  24. Fixed the import of ASC Grid elevation data
  25. Fix import of multi-segmented coastline in TerrainBuilder
  26. Reduce the coastline memory footprint
  27. Fix a crash when deleting an Entity hooked with the LineInfo
  28. Fix a crash when deleting an Entity carrying runtime graphics
  29. Fix a crash when disconnecting from an HLA federation
  30. Charts can now display Dots (cloud)
  31. Fixed gaussRand(mon, max)
  32. Gaussian function added: gaussRandStd(mean, standart deviation)
  33. Fix a crash in Chart display with entity name > 20 characters
  34. Fix a memory curruption when closing a scenario with entity bitmaps
  35. Compact database is now working in Tools::
  36. Sprite and Feature toolbars disable buttons when associated dll is not loaded
  37. Fix Template deletion feature
  38. Fix Code Wizard for OSG and OsgEarth
  39. Fix a texture loss when starting/stopping simulation with bitmap entities
  40. Fix a loss of license when vsTASKER GUI using more than 1.6G of RAM
  41. Numerous minor fixes and improvments
  42. Automatically add Event/Fact originator to raiseEvent() raiseFact() calls
  43. Fix the LGROUP scope for Event and Fact (was not working before)
  44. Add fbase (Fact database) object to Vt_Group class
  45. Fix Cone drawing size
  46. Improve the Osg to Map utility (support large databases)
  47. Fix a crash when closing database after Entity duplication
  48. Remove some memory leaks
  49. Improve display of the time for Delays and EPoint
  50. Map right click panning no more deselect what is currently selected
  51. Fix MissileBallistic model
  52. All Features are restored at stop (even if modified during runtime)
  53. Fix Context restart (from a rule). Now, all rules restart
  54. Fix a memory corruption (wrong free) which was causing some random GUI crashes
  55. Add default lighting option to the terrain and entities (for all OSG output)
  56. Add the glNormalize call to fix the color/lighting problem of resized 3D models
  57. Coord2D and Coord3D can now be used as user-data interface type for fields
  58. case UPDATE: now works in Components when data is changed from Uinterface
  59. E|XPoint Event object can now be unselected (cannot before)
  60. Exit Point termination mode now support ABORT
  61. In Design, mouse wheel can scroll Environment, Diagrams when mouse pointer over them
  62. Feature now have “no label” check-box to hide label when displayed
  63. Fix a crash in the GUI when moving with the mouse a trajectory or path during runtime
  64. Secure with a semaphore the rtEvent shared-mem array
  65. New type for User-Interface: FileDef (based on .def text files)
  66. Fix mouse selection/panning problems on diagram panel when scrollbars are not centered
  67. Fix getNewPointAtGC() and elevationToGC() functions (values more accurate)
  68. User can create elevation area (dted) of different resolution for parts of the terrain
  69. Fix a bug with default scenario (now, it is properly saved)
  70. Fix a bug with the boat roll when waves effects is turned on
  71. Elevation textured map now support transparency
  72. LinearCtrl:: raw() has been replaced with reset()
  73. All Dynamic components: forceHeading/Speed/… have been changed to enforceHeading/Speed… An automatic code converter is normally doing the change at upgrade, but may miss some cases.
  74. Dynamics: set() change the target value; enforce() change the current value; reset() change both. These methods are available in LinearCtrl and Hi*Ctrl classes.
  75. Fix a crash when duplicating scenario with WebMap and multiple terrains.
  76. Improved the crash effect of an helicopter
  77. Simulation Directory (DbOptions) can now support environment variable: $(myPath)/…
  78. Add a City Finder (coordinates) in the Terrain Setting window with 15000 cities
  79. iphlpapi.lib must be added to all solutions in VisualStudio (automatically added from GUI)
  80. Release librarie sizes reduced by factor 2
  81. Data Interfaces default value improvment
  82. Search filter in the Model Importer
  83. Can now send events to all selected entities at runtime
  84. Optimization of the GUI performances