vsTASKER release notes v7.1

What’s new in build 7.1.10
[727] (24/03/2024)

  1. Improved the GPX importer for both Points and Trajectories
  2. Fix the UTC check box in the Scenario Property window
  3. Julian date is now updated correctly
  4. Fix discrepancy in the position of satellites in map and globe views
  5. Remove a memory leak in with circleLineIntersection and sphereLineIntersection functions
  6. Fix frozen date display during simulation when reference time is used
  7. Remove start_at check box which was behaving ill
  8. Remove terrain outline ghost in HMI mode
  9. Improve the OpenGL viewer zoom and pan functions
  10. GDI Map (HMI) is better handled (zoom, pan & selection)
  11. Fix simulation acceleration factor with OpenGL viewer
  12. Fix a crash with TGA textures in HMI
  13. Fix dongle activation with code
  14. Flight Plan Turn Fix arc circle center can be manually set on the map
  15. Turn Fix are now correctly flown in all cases
  16. Flight Plan long legs are drawn using great circle
  17. Minor fixes

What’s new in build 7.1.9
[727] (16/03/2024)

  1. Fix osgEarth connection with OpenSSL (now working)
  2. Fix crash at runtime when satellite TLE is decayed
  3. Update the ISS demo to be osgEarth ready
  4. Fix in runtime update of performances data for WingDyn_High
  5. Fix the satellites demos (entities were not moving, wrong path…)
  6. Sim now updates orbit in the GUI
  7. Update the satellite position (for the GUI) at better rate
  8. GUI updates orbits during runtime every 1/4 of the period
  9. In GUI, Julian time is correctly updated during runtime
  10. Fix a small computation error in Julian date (MJD) conversion
  11. Remove a memory leak in with circleLineIntersection and sphereLineIntersection functions

What’s new in build 7.1.8
[727] (13/11/2023)

  1. Fix a wrong calculation in LINEAR_INTERPOL macro when embedded into a mathematical formula
  2. Event correctly sent to MotionFollow, MotionSlide and MotionPattern when modified from the GUI
  3. Improve/fix map centering when Mercator projection is used
  4. Add capability to rotate Trajectories and Paths (Features)
  5. Fix drawFilledRectangle() function
  6. Fix map center position function
  7. Fix perspective view using WebMap terrain layer
  8. Fix a crash in OSG demos, when changing focus of main view camera
  9. Add Vertical Aspect slider in the popup menu in Perspective View
  10. For Elevation maps, if the hill-shading flag is set, force the computation after load
  11. Reduce the flickering of the Scenario Hook window at runtime
  12. Fix the Pacific Centered mode for CoastLines and RasterMaps (automatic adjustment)
  13. CodeUpdater now working on HMI objects
  14. Visual Studio Compiler to use is now in Database Settings and no more Preferences

What’s new in build 7.1.7
[726] (19/10/2023)

  1. Sim -> Gui Inform messages are now piled and copied into the scenario Log
  2. Remove the Diagram flickering at runtime when monitoring events
  3. Fix the Coastline manual LoD (was never stored)
  4. Coastlines automatic LoD works much better under zoom according to resolution
  5. Improve Coastlines prune out process (much faster)
  6. Fix the compact() function in Array for big arrays
  7. Rewrite the WebMap full-world option and made it default
  8. Enhance the latitude square projection for lat/lon maps
  9. No more seldom crashes with threaded web-map
  10. Fix RTC When Overrun: Ignore. Time will no more jump forward
  11. Fix bug when duplicate Behaviors: values are correctly copied
  12. Fix the satellites demos (entities were not moving)
  13. Sim now updates orbit in the GUI
  14. GUI updates orbits during runtime every 1/4 of the period
  15. In GUI, Julian time is correctly updated during runtime
  16. Fix a small computation error in Julian date (MJD) conversion
  17. Selection of a satellite in runtime displays the orbit (like in design)
  18. LLA Maps are now correctly displayed (Mercator projection)
  19. Cosmetic adjustments for dialog button positions

What’s new in build 7.1.6
[724] (13/09/2023)

  1. Numeric fields now only accept numeric keys from the keyboard: [0..9].+-
  2. Fix the Trajectory hipprodome drawing
  3. Add Entity Content list in the Environment Tree List
  4. Add an option in Preferences::Form : Entity Content selection preference
  5. Add Routine list in the Entity Classes Environment tree-view
  6. Add Environment tree-view for Meshes, Winds, Roads et RNav (with contextual menu)
  7. Fix some thread-unsafe code in some plugins, GUI and WebMapServer
  8. Fix a hang in Globe View when EarthUtil function was missing
  9. Fix a crash when selecting WebMap in Terrain menu with WebMap threading
  10. Rewrite some code in WebMap to improve the map tiling algorithm
  11. FullWorld option now works correctly for all zoom levels and recenter
  12. Fix bug with Scenario Log: toolbar (+ popup menu) allow save, print & clear
  13. Cosmetic changes and fixes

What’s new in build 7.1.5
[720] (29/07/2023)

  1. Map resize functions are now threaded (Preferences options). GUI & SIM more reactive
  2. Shared memory processing messages are now threaded (Preferences options).
  3. WebMap internet access is now threaded (WebMap options). GUI & SIM more reactive
  4. FlightManager: waypoint is reached when below “at_reach” travel time, as set in the Component
  5. FlightManager: Better flight plan following on arc-circle legs (RF terminator)
  6. Velocity Vector computation: no more normalized on Alt under Lat/Lon computations
  7. Add Trajectory & Path waypoint’s name (with display on GUI and SIM)
  8. Fix long path file name in Dynamic Interfaces
  9. Increase the runtime speed of the OpenGL viewer
  10. Add the optional mouse reticle in GLUT viewer
  11. Reduce by 50% the memory footprint of a Dynamic Interface
  12. Code Updater is now working offline (GUI started after code changed on file)
  13. Fix Code Updater after database change (was not working well before)
  14. Change on some low level RTC time related functions (deprecated API removed)
  15. Slower than real-time mode improved for better accuracy in Time mode (old = Freq mode)
  16. Faster than real-time can now be achieved at same base rate (Time mode)
  17. Hybrid mode for faster than real-time (Freq mode + Time mode combined)
  18. Changing the RTC base frequency correctly updates all database frequency based objects
  19. Update MotionFollow to work with Arc Leg and Hippodrome
  20. Update MotionSlide to work with Arc Leg
  21. Trajectory Arc-Leg and Hippodrome changes on SIM are reflected on the GUI
  22. Fix WingDyn_High pitch factor for sloped altitude change (now slope is effective)
  23. Faster Main Application load. Smaller memory footprint (137 Mb vs 390 Mb when all DLLs loaded)
  24. Features & HMI DLLs are only loaded when needed, not at application start
  25. Fix the 1 Hour frequency for component (was reverting to 1 Hz)
  26. 1 Hour for auto-save is now granted
  27. Fix a crash when Propagator is not attached to an orbit
  28. New SIM API for Orbits creation/update/deletion in vt_navigation.h with GUI sync
  29. Orbit changes in runtime (change of TLE or Orbital elements) are now reflected in the GUI
  30. Selected objects in Map no more can be moved during contextual menu popup
  31. Fix the Features & Sprites import/export filters (on file dialogs)
  32. Add Export option for a selected Trajectory (design and runtime mode)
  33. Add computeTurnRadius() to BasicDyn along with ComputeVelocityVector()
  34. Add threaded component (option check) to transfer the runtime tic to a separate thread
  35. Made the Proximate component thread safe
  36. Fix Lock/Unlock menu option (Edit)
  37. Addition of new entities are faster when uniq name check is enabled (default)
  38. Fix a bug at runtime with entity initial reposition after 10 cycles
  39. In UInterface, erroneous entries are marked in red (outbounds or user tagged from Validation func)
  40. In UInterface, Unit Switch is available, based on UTYPE[] tag, for any variable
  41. Support for OpenStreetMap in WebMap using servers ThunderForest and Stamen with some styles
  42. Arc legs for roads can now have obtuse angles
  43. Automatic arc leg shaping for roads
  44. Trajectory arc legs can be visually set on the map with the mouse
  45. Road strip footprint reduced (arc-leg data is now dynamic)
  46. Fix MotionFollow and MotionSlide with arc-leg segments, in forward and backward motion
  47. Fix definition of arc-circled legs (trajectories and road strips) with Clockwise/Counter-Cw parameter
  48. Roads & Trajectories arc legs are selectable with the mouse
  49. RoadFinding component can now follow arc-legs strips (only line strips before)
  50. In the Environment TreeList, scenario and catalog entities do list their logics, knowledge and models
  51. The question box: “do not display again” remembers the Yes or No answer (was always Yes before)
  52. Add option “Favor GDI+” in Preferences (Form panel) to use or not for Diagrams
  53. Prevent selected objects to be moved when mouse exits the popup menu frame
  54. Minor cosmetic fixes

What’s new in build 7.1.4
[701] (16/02/2023)

  1. Add a user defined limit for monitoring flow (Sim to Gui) at accelerated speed (def x16)
  2. Add Arc shape to Trajectory feature
  3. Add Hippodrome to Trajectory feature
  4. Update MotionFollow and MotionSlide to work with Arc and Hippodrome
  5. Fix getMidPointToGC() for WCoord
  6. Add Skin themes to Features and Sprites windows
  7. Fix crash in Simulink Property window when clicking on the Simulink App launcher button
  8. Generated code for Simulink models supports Matlab for up to R2020a
  9. MATLAB environment variable dropped. Use Tools::Preferences::Matlab settings
  10. Add GPX import for Roads (routes & tracks supported)
  11. Add GPX import for Feature Points.
  12. Improve the application startup (no more blinking)
  13. Fix the GUI closure (no more orphan process)
  14. Fix RNAV highlight function (push-button on Settings)
  15. Fix the combo-box list in UInterface when LIST[] are used with = values
  16. Fix a crash when closing a UInterface sub-window
  17. Fix a memory corruption at FlightPlan definition
  18. Fix a crash in Flight-Plan window after clearing all waypoints
  19. Greatly improved the speed of the compilation error code display
  20. Fix Triton.cfg output file (at save from the Triton Viewer Panel)
  21. Add Arrange Vertically or Horizontally entity symbol in the Diagram Panel
  22. Cut/Paste of EPoints fixed on Behaviors, Contexts and CIGI objects
  23. Fix deselect on CIGI objects
  24. Improve the Diagrams/Map refresh (less redraws, more reactive)
  25. Fix the text editor auto-scroll at Apply
  26. Add Vertical and Horizontal align for Logic objects
  27. Remove Diagrams flickering
  28. Remove Runtime Entity list flickering
  29. Improve selection of sub-elements in Features
  30. Fix duplication of logics with Text Infos in Groups
  31. Fix the HMI object labeling color in dark theme
  32. Add MoveTo Group option in popup menu for Logic single or selected objects
  33. Add Ungroup option for single or selected objects in a Logic Group
  34. Vertical View settings are now saved in the database
  35. Greatly improved the WebMap responsiveness and uploading of tiles
  36. Remove memory leak on WebMap (under intense zooms)
  37. Add Cursor Reticle for the mouse over the map (and fix the Coordinates at Cursor)
  38. Enable the Transparency cursor for Features and Roads (disabled until now)
  39. Features are listed in the Environment tree-list
  40. Features, Roads, Winds and Meshes are now global to database or local to each scenario
  41. Database backups (at each save) are now time stamped zip files including all data files
  42. Fix Compact Database menu option (now, nicely remove all automatic backups)
  43. Add Database::Backup and toolbar button to manually backup a database with a time stamp
  44. Add Restore Backup menu option to restore an old database from a backup (manual or auto)
  45. Add Earth globe brightness slider in Preferences::Editor
  46. Add a TLE maker (from Keplerian and Satellite data)
  47. Add a Downgrader tool to allow using old version Model Components
  48. Makefile generation supports Pitch 5.5.2 and above
  49. Numerous minor fixes and improvements

What’s new in build 7.1.3
[695] (11/10/2022)

  1. Add a new dark theme (pearl)
  2. findWay(from,to) function (roads) has alternate parameter to control strict or wise path finding
  3. BaseClass code is now pre-processed before code generation (for N:, S:, E:… tags)
  4. SocketItems got a new panel: Methods to define functions. Use it with: lan.{socketitem}->myfunc(…)
  5. HMI CheckBox now call runtime tic from set() function (to replace the mouse action)
  6. Rename of Network objects now rename method prefixes
  7. VisualStudio can now be called from any GUI code window (with auto update)
  8. Fix code generator for OsgEarth
  9. Revisited all OsgEarth demos
  10. Add MariaDB support (compatibility)
  11. 3D Editor in GUI now displays elevation layers
  12. Function autorun now takes char** argv (or 0) as parameter
  13. SimEngine can load a specific scenario from the command line, using -s or /s followed by scenario name
  14. Add some vsVIEWER demos using LAN & DIS
  15. Improve the speed of GUI perspective view with high level elevation data
  16. Add a new dark theme (choice between Green & Carbon)
  17. Fix long popup menus (now splits in 20 items chunks)
  18. Mouse selected nodes in Environment tree-view remain highlighted
  19. Selected objects are highlighted in the Environment tree-view (visual sync)
  20. Fix a random crash when changing databases (with some databases)
  21. Fix WebMap Full World option (web maps was limited to terrain size)
  22. Fix a crash when changing the entity label font to FreeType
  23. Add OSG model library (shared/OSG components deprecated)
  24. Add AxleDyn component for axle/chassis dynamic
  25. Add a QuadCopter dynamic model with motion control (mouse and trajectory)
  26. Fix the Terrain Auto-resize when no layer has been loaded
  27. GUI TreeView list displaying more data (logics, entities, etc.)
  28. The Environment Tree-view list and the Diagram panel are better synchronized
  29. Fix a seldom crash in the GUI during some object cut
  30. At runtime, a selected entity with an active plan will show it on the map
  31. OpenGL viewer : Entity Plans can be reshaped at runtime
  32. Fix next plan point reposition (coordinates change), was ignored before
  33. Fix a bug on OpenGL display with displayed plan (past points are no more visible)
  34. Fix the Airliner component (takeoff speed now taken into account)
  35. Fix the WingDyn component so that functions to set max pitch and roll are effective
  36. Improved the SimQT interface and fix it
  37. Reduce the flickering on the GUI interface (including the Environment TreeList)
  38. Bigger and clearer font for the GUI interface
  39. Fix OpenGL/Glut window resize
  40. Optimize deletion time of thousands or entities or orbits or flight plans
  41. Improve the reactivity of the GUI with thousands of elements
  42. Replace Runtime/OSG-Earth with Runtime/OsgEarth. OSG-Earth is deprecated
  43. Fix the Dongle refresh button (manual refresh was disabling the license)
  44. In preferences, a switch can let vsTASKER automatically set resolution according to screen setting (1080p or 1440p)
  45. OSG viewer is now using CompositeViewer (osg_root->main_view) for first view 0. User can add its own
  46. Fix OsgHud (now, call setupWindow) and enableOn(view)
  47. Fix world to screen OSG converter
  48. Add screen to world OSG picker
  49. Add OSG sensor_footprint class for representing the camera coverage on ground (must be attached to the sensor)
  50. Fix OSG sensor_view (now, must be attached to the sensor)
  51. Add isInViewport() function to check if a position or node is visible on the camera view

What’s new in build 7.1.2
[665] (27/05/2021)

  1. Add OsgFrame terrain layer to import and display OSG files in wire-frame format
  2. Cancel button on progress bar now closes the progress bar
  3. Fix a bug in code generated for ValueList HMI sprites
  4. Sprite ValueList can now update a field from the list
  5. Fix the Makefile generator so that user paths are used first
  6. Fix the Makefile generator so that automatic libs are checked against ignore libs
  7. Support for DI-Guy 13 in 64b (samples in OpenGL, OSG and using DIS)
  8. Add Work Directory field in DbOptions::Runtime

What’s new in build 7.1.1
[650] (01/08/2020)

  1. GUI is now compatible with 1440p high DPI screen resolution. Settings in Preferences::Forms
  2. vsVIEWER has been integrated into vsTASKER under /Runtime/Qt/SimpleUI
  3. Allow scenario map rotation (GUI and programmatically: terrain->rotation in radians)
  4. Add curved road strip for smoother following on curves
  5. Add rail dynamic component using Road definitions
  6. vc140 replaced by vc14
  7. OpenSceneGraph 3.4.0 recompiled under vc14 for x86 & x64
  8. vsTASKER can now build 64 bits engines from the GUI
  9. MQTT support (based on Mosquitto)
  10. Fix the OpenFlight import with nested Translated groups
  11. Allow importing OpenFlight terrain database with/without header origin offset
  12. Add manual offset window for Roads
  13. Add arc-circle leg definition for Roads
  14. Add Road duplication & reverse
  15. Add Road manual offset (using Ctrl key + mouse down after selection)
  16. Add new RailDyn component
  17. Add runtime terrain clamping for ground roads (dynamic or using cache file)
  18. Fix OpenFlight getAlt function (modes: uppest, lowest, first)
  19. Correct map auto-size after automatic load at startup
  20. Fix a bug with runtime Sim -> Gui Gfx, when overfilling the shared-mem stack
  21. Gui Map user frequency from Database Setting is now used with databases loaded at startup
  22. Add LoadFunc() in Import function DLL (called after a database load, if importer loaded)
  23. Fix a bug in Import DLL built with Visual Studio. Now, importer can handle vc and c++ builder
  24. In Logic, leaving a Group keep its symbol selected on the level up
  25. Features are now displayed in Roads edition mode
  26. Add SelectAll menu for HMI (allowing to move all sprites using keyboard arrows)
  27. Fix Ids problem after copy/paste or duplicate
  28. Fix a seldom crash with HMI Switches (and improved memory consumption)
  29. Allow HMI textures to import bmp format
  30. HMI sprites with no caption (~yours~) are now displayed as label-less
  31. Add “None” to HMI frame draw mode (to avoid it being displayed)
  32. Replace variable transparency with glass almost everywhere. Use setTransparency() or setGlass()
  33. —-> Add MultiBarrel Data-Model to ease rocket/missile/torpedo firing
  34. —-> Add Torpedo model