vsTASKER release notes v7.2

What’s new in build 7.2.2
[760] (14/07/2024)

  1. Fix map popup menu (content was not in sync)
  2. Moving map is now performed with mouse down & drag without selection
  3. Multi-selection on map needs control key down
  4. Fix computeTerrainLineOfSight() when the from & to points are inside a visible model
  5. Fix crash when closing database with Properties panel opened
  6. Fix crash when resizing Properties Panel
  7. Add properties tab for Paths and Trajectories (to display lengths)
  8. Fix Add/Insert Polygon (Feature)
  9. Features and Sprites draw DLL (VC++) are now compiled under Embarcadero compiler

What’s new in build 7.2.1
[760] (15/06/2024)

  1. Windows Theme customized
  2. Map Views enabled – User can add different views of the map and save them
  3. Radial View for tracked entities
  4. Properties panel for docking some property windows with user code
  5. Nicer panels display (Diagrams, Properties, Map, Help…)
  6. Add Insert point after/before selected one for Trajectory and Path
  7. Flight-plans RF Terminator arc-center position can be set using mouse or wizard
  8. Add XPM loader to display XPM bitmaps for entities
  9. Improve the GPX import for Points, Trajectories and Roads
  10. Improve speed of the custom made char* dynamic allocation library
  11. Add user defined refresh rate for HMI and OpenGL panels
  12. Flight-plans RF Terminator arc-center position can be set using mouse or wizard
  13. Flight Plan Turn Fix are now correctly flown in all cases
  14. Flight Plan long legs are drawn using great circle (and not straight lines)
  15. getSpeed() now returns the nominal speed; use getTAS() for the velocity vector norm
  16. Sliding an entity with the mouse also displace it’s plan (when shift key depressed)
  17. Fix a memory leak in with circleLineIntersection and sphereLineIntersection functions
  18. Fix a potential memory leak for databases with HMI (no more crashes)
  19. Fix a crash with selectable ArcInfo layers
  20. Fix some memory corruptions with Arrays
  21. Numerous other bug fixes and cosmetic changes