Outdated Videos

These videos have illustrated the new capabilities and functionalities of vsTASKER over the previous versions.

Most of them are demonstrating the integration of several third-party software with our scenario editor. For the latest projects, see the Use Cases.

HLA Integration with a Linux Missile Simulator

Simple Drone Simulation

Delta3D Game Engine Integration

HLA readiness with Pitch and Mak RTIs

Matlab & Simulink direct use and import

RTDynamics RotorLib Integration

Trinigy Game Engine Integration

VR-Forces Integration

Di-Guy + VegaPrime Integration

Runaway – Di-Guy Demo

Automatic Path-Finding Demo

Visibility Area in Real-Time

On Demand Terrain mapping using tile servers

Editor in Perspective Mode

Record & Replay Feature

Use of Tatuk GIS to replace vsTASKER terrain mapping

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