Control panel for UAV Simulation

vsTASKER offers many useful features for exercises and missions involving drones and operators.

STANAG 4586 standard for interoperability is supported. Search-Patterns can be dropped on the map and specialized to allow any kind of flight plan. The HMI builder provides support to design a UAV control panel which includes payload camera views, maps, replicated instruments and mission control objectives.

Customers have used vsTASKER to create various missions while immersing their own UAV component, either directly into the simulation engine or using DIS/HLA or bespoke LAN/Socket integration. vsTASKER was behaving like a CGF or a threat generator or a recorder, providing a license free control or instrument panel, or as a 4586 protocol adapter.
On certain projects, vsTASKER had to deal with the trajectories of the drone, the manipulation of the payload or the detection of targets. Using the batch capability and the high performance of its runtime engine, vsTASKER was also able to run millions of exercises on a row and store results on SQL databases.

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