VegaPrime Integration

VegaPrime used to be the widest 3D stealth viewer used in the military simulation worldwide (initialy Multigen property then bought by Presagis). vsTASKER embeds a dedicated viewer which allows the user to directly work with VegaPrime native function calls.

vsTASKER generates C++ code that compiles and links with the VegaPrime libraries. The simulation engine is included into the 3D engine. vsTASKER logic objects do provide the same visual environment as Unreal Engine or Unity Engine. During runtime, logic can be monitored to debug or check that proper logic are triggered correctly.

With a license of VegaPrime, vsTASKER user can prepare scenarios on 2D maps and produce at the end a 3D visual simulation by generating the code with the VegaPrime viewer.
The executable can then be deployed without the need of vsTASKER GUI.

Numerous customers have used vsTASKER with VegaPrime to build trainers or constructive simulations with high end visual display.

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