HMI Builder – An Interface for your Simulations

When building a simulation including various entities, behaviors, models, states (…) it becomes essential to have a graphical user interface that can synthesize the situation, display internal states of any selected entity and provide visual cue to the user on the running situation. More over, being able to quickly and easily change settings, values, states or give orders, trigger events, fire weapons, engage or disengage (…) become mandatory during runtime.

vsTASKER provides out-of-the-box a HMI builder based on I/O specialized objects. Each objects (called sprite) have a drawing function, a texture and an behavior which depends on its type. A knob will rotate with the mouse, between min and max bounds and will output the position value. A lamp will change color or texture according to input values. Etc.


The HMI will be C++ code generated and will run along with the simulation engine, as a separate thread. From the user point of view, the code written into each sprite can directly access any entity, model, component and objects of the simulation, making the integration of this HMI very simple and convenient.
Besides, as for the simulation engine, the generated HMI is license free. Some customers have been using vsTASKER only for its capability to build control panels they can deploy freely for training purposes.


  • OpenGL/Glut based
  • WYSIWYG design interface
  • Runs as a thread of your simulation kernel
  • Allow runtime control of your simulation
  • Several input/output widgets (sprites)
  • Map and GDI widget to replicate the GUI map
  • OSG widget to incrust 3D content at runtime
  • Easy to define sub-windows, modal or not
  • Free to deploy