Satellite Toolkit (STK) Integration

STK from AGI is a powerful tool for sensor simulation and orbit calculation. However, when it gets to real time simulation with branches, conditions, decisions making (…) vsTASKER makes the process simpler and more flexible.

vsTASKER supports natively some integration schemes provided by STK:

  • Connect using LAN
  • Active/X
  • COM
With each API, vsTASKER can either generates commands to be sent to STK with asynchronous results, or combines generated code with STK static or exported libraries.
User can then use logic to activate sensors, change the trajectory of an aircraft or missile, send messages to satellites when in sight from a ground station, etc.

In some projects combining both products, vsTASKER was used as a first sensor detection filter before fine tuning the detection using STK sensors over terrain. Result was returned to vsTASKER for decision making or simple storing in a SQL database for offline analysis.

Similar projects:

  • Using a UAV as a forward observer
  • Sensor assessment on various terrains
  • Event driven STK simulation