VBS-3 integration using ASI Interface

vsTASKER 6.1 provides a gateway to VBS-3 using a LAN communication with a special plugin loaded by VBS3.

Based on the ASI interface, vsTASKER will send VBS3 script commands and will receive update data for all entities running in the VBS3 simulation for synchronization. It is then possible to let vsTASKER handle some parts of a scenario while leaving VBS3 handling the platform dynamics, the line of sight, or the exchange fire and damages. vsTASKER will enable and disable the AI according to situations and time. The end user will gain flexibility and control while building a specific scenario.

Using vsTASKER, all the scripts commands and functions of VBS3 can be encapsulated into actions, tasks, logic of vsTASKER and attached to any scenario entity on a simple mouse click. When running the simulation, logic can be visually monitored in real-time.

Because vsTASKER simulation engine and the ASI plugin are disconnected, the scenario development is quick: every time vsTASKER SIM starts, VBS3 creates locally
all platforms and units defined in the scenario, then wait for commands to be unfold through the ASI interface. When vsTASKER stops, all VBS3 platforms and units are removed.


  • ASI interfacing for better independence
  • Drag and drop of predefined logic
  • Easy set up of a complex scenario without using scripts
  • Quick tries and errors with no VBS3 reload time
  • No runtime license for any deployed scenario built with vsTASKER
  • Avoiding the VBS3 script debugger makes building complex scenarios simpler
  • Easy mix of VBS3 AI and custom designed vsTASKER doctrines
  • Several modes to drive VBS3 entities from vsTASKER