Triton integration for Maritime Simulation

Triton ocean library from Sundog Software is available for OpenSceneGraph. As vsTASKER produces native code for OSG, combining the two was good enough for a simple battleship game built under vsTASKER and deployed on vsVIEWER (the Qt free player of vsTASKER simulation engine). Triton library can be bought here.

All logic is handled by vsTASKER. Ship dynamics are embedded components. Gun is controlled by the user with a joystick.

This simple game was built from scratch in couple of hours. Once generated and embedded into vsVIEWER, the game is
free to be deployed (it only requires Triton license; vsTASKER Sim Engine and OSG are free to use).

With OSG + Triton + vsTASKER, maritime simulation can be achieve in minimum time and budget and provides a low cost ready-to-deploy turnkey solution or trainer.

In this demo: