ADS-B import for ATC Simulation

For ATC training and studies, vsTASKER provides a convenient environment to build traffic using flight plans based on ARINC 424 RNAV database. As a simulator builder, bespoke control panels can be defined inside vsTASKER to give the end user all the resources to monitor and interact with the air traffic situation. These control panels can either be build using the HMI builder of vsTASKER (in OpenGL-Glut) or using Qt, or wxWidgets libraries or any other commercial HMI builders like VAPS (Presagis) or GL-Studio (DSTI), as long as they are C++ compatible.

To make the simulation even more realistic, ADS-B traffic can also be inserted into the simulation.
Doing so, the controller can interact with local A/C according to the general traffic.

In this demo:

  • ARINC 424 database import
  • Flight plan definition using standard procedures
  • ADS-B compatible import component (optional)
  • Deployable free control panel

The below video shows a little flight plan creation to immerse a local A/V into a recorded ADS-B traffic.