Building a push-back simulator from Scratch

This proof of concept demonstrates the use of vsTASKER to simulate a pushback maneuver on an airport tarmac. The final intend is to proceed on an aircraft carrier where limited space and congestion requires caution and training (second video below).

The pushback or towing implies articulated parts physic based on simple Newton laws. Under a real-time simulation process which does not require trajectory extrapolation, a high frequency dynamic replica of applied forces, momentum, angles over time will be sufficient to copy the reality with some assumptions (no drift for example).

The process of starting the prototype from scratch is explained in this video and in the following document which describe in detail the full process.

Read the full project description
What was needed:

  • OpenSceneGraph (engine and some programming knowledge)
  • Airport database (courtesy of TrianGraphics)
  • 3D models for the aircraft, the tug and tow bar
  • vsTASKER with some knowledge of how to use it
  • Some basic mathematics for Newton equations