Radar simulation for Maritime Surveillance

The project was requesting a radar visualizer toolkit to be fully adaptable to be integrated into a much bigger user panel. vsRAD is written in C and based on OpenGL. It is provided as a library with a complete and open API to customize every aspect of the display.

In this solution, vsTASKER was used to setup the maritime scenario, based on S57 charts. The coastal radar was put on the Old Point Loma lighthouse. vsTASKER is generating the radar detections send them to vsRAD for display in real-time.
The default vsRAD graphical interface was used for the mock-up only. The final panel integrated all the functionalities in core.

What was needed:

  • vsRAD radar visualizer toolkit
  • San Diego S57 navigation chart
  • California DTED 2 for the terrain elevations
  • vsTASKER for the scenario generation and radar detection
  • A specific component for binding vsRAD and vsTASKER