Radar raw data Simulation

The purpose of this proof of concept is to be able to display a static 5 Ghz radar image with real-time incrustation of moving objects.

For this, we are using a C Band radar simulator module from OKTAL-SE to get a raw data output of received dB per angle and ranges. The model illuminates a 3D database representing the airport of Blagnac (Toulouse). The radar is set at the current exact position of the real radar.

vsRAD is then used to import and display the raw data. A special module has been written for this purpose. The raw data is converted into displayable and adjustable image by a dedicated algorithm.

Two 3D models have also been illuminated by the radar at different angles (F16 and A340). vsRAD was able to extract the signal of each scan and build a library to be used at runtime.
For the simulation, vsTASKER is used to setup the scenario, position the radar and simulate the motion of the two aircraft. The simulation engine is connected to vsRAD. When the vsTASKER radar is detecting an entity, its azimuth, distance and orientation are sent to vsRAD which extracts from the library the closest image to merge it with the background.

What was needed:

  • SE-RAY-RADAR from SE-Workbench, OKTAL-SE
  • Blagnac 3D OpenSceneGraph databasew
  • vsRAD for the display
  • vsTASKER for the simulation
  • Google Map import