CIGI Benchmarking (VBS-IG & FAST-IG)

vsTASKER can use CIGI protocol to control an external Graphic Engine using message data packets.

As the two software (simulation and graphic engines) are often running on separate computers to optimize the resources, LAN is used for communication. Although sockets access is less efficient than direct memory access, the comfort of working with a remote engine (or a set a view channels) takes precedence over the bandwidth limitation. Decoupling the simulation from the visual output allow a complex scene with heavy models to be loaded once (whatever the time it takes) and the simulation engine to test various scenarios in a row very efficiently.

In the first demo, we are testing a scene with 300 entities (units, tanks and aircraft). vsTASKER (the host) is handling the flight dynamics and sending entityCtrl packet to the IG at various rates.
In the second demo, we are making 200 aircraft, Pilatus model, flying in formation then freely.

Fast-IG does not support smoothing, so, host must update aircraft positions at maximum frame rate to avoid jerks. This is not crucial for low speed entities but aircraft need high update rate.