Frigate indirect fire on Porto Island

In this demo, vsTASKER is using VBS-IG through CIGI protocol to display in 3D an indirect fire on Porto island (provided by Bohemia terrain).

First stage of the scenario: a convoy of two tanks and one armed vehicle is detected and tracked by a Predator drone. It sends the position of the threats to a frigate (Anzac) which starts indirect fires.

After the first detonations, the armed vehicle takes shelter while the two tanks engage a riposte. At the same time a platoon is rushing towards a missile launcher, also detected by the drone.
Finally the ship is destroyed and the drone is shot down by a machine gun.

  • VBS-IG from Bohemia Simulation
  • vsTASKER 7 using CIGI over Wifi 5Mhz
  • CIGI v3.3 + special packets for VBS
  • Gamepad to control the missile launcher vechicle
  • Some ambient sounds have been added to the video
  • IG Computer: i7 7600K, 32G RAM, NVidia 1060 GTX
  • Host Computer: i5 8600K, 24G RAM