GL-Studio Integration

vsTASKER was used to directly provide inputs to GL-Studio graphical objects (from DiSTI). Object outputs like data flows, event or state changes were also redirected to logic or components.

Instead of hand coding the behavior, connections and data transfers between objects inside GL-Studio editor, vsTASKER was used to directly open a GL-Studio model file, extract objects and I/O names in order to connect them to actual logic and components.

By doing so, it was very simple and convenient to build an interactive HMI using GL-Studio visual editor and embed it into the vsTASKER simulation engine, connecting for example an ADI to any selected entity of the simulation at runtime, to use lamps to reflect any system status, or using switches, knobs and sliders to control during runtime any system or software device belonging to the simulation.

As GL-Studio and vsTASKER are C++ based, it was easy to integrate both into a unique workflow, building the graphic HMI on GL-Studio editor and handling all the logic and connections on vsTASKER design editor.


  • Opens GL-Studio models definition
  • Automatically extracts interfaces
  • Generates code which compiles with GL-Studio code and libraries
  • Easily controls from logic all parts of GL-Studio panels
  • Allow direct connection of GL-Studio objects with simulation entities and components