Train cab System Trainer

Use of vsTASKER for a train cab trainer. Embedded into a full simulator including motion platform and 3D visual system, vsTASKER was in charge of all the logic regarding the cab controller and the railway simulation system.

The train manufacturer technical document was translated into visual logic to replicate the real equipment behavior. Specific components have been written to simulate the hydraulic and electrical systems, to include loads, delays, failures and controls. Instead of hand coding, which is heavily error prone, vsTASKER did generate automatically the code based on visual diagrams. The C++ generated code was then directly added to the railway software. vsTASKER made possible to concentrate only on the most critical aspects of the simulation.

As the trainer was developed in parallel with the real train, it was easy to retrofit changes by the manufacturer of any technical clauses or observations coming from their test beds. Updates of the diagrams, logic, components parameters, then generation of the code and recompilation of the full system.

Using the runtime visual monitoring of logic diagrams, debugging then strict acceptance test were incredibly faster than before, mostly on the more critical aspects of the trainer. The system has been deployed in several copies for training cab operators.

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