GRADE demo at CIRA

vsTASKER was successfully used as the backbone simulation software by CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Centre) for a GRADE demonstration of curved satellite GNSS approach.

OpenSceneGraph Videos

These videos have illustrated the OpenSceneGraph built-in component. vsTASKER can visualize in 3D, using an OSG plugin, a scenario during its edition. Entities can be placed, and moved to the 3D editor for better correlation with the final database.

VegaPrime Videos

These videos have illustrated integration of VegaPrime 3D engine from Presagis. As vsTASKER is generating C++ code, embedding the C++ API of the IG allows the user to directly control the output from vsTASKER logic.

Outdated Videos

These videos have illustrated the new capabilities and functionalities of vsTASKER over the previous versions. Most of them are demonstrating the integration of several third-party software with our scenario editor. For the latest projects, see the Use Cases. HLA Integration with a Linux Missile Simulator Simple Drone Simulation Delta3D Game Engine Integration HLA …

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